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Care and Precaution

Rudraksha can be worn by anybody irrespective of age, sex, caste and culture .According to the scripture like Srimad Devabhagawaam , Shiva puran ,Padma Puran and many more scripture ,there is no strict rules and restriction of wearing rudrakshas. Based on the extract of the scripture and our experiences with rudrakshas , following tips will help to maintain sanctity and longitivity of the rudrakshas beads :-

1. Rudraksha should be worn after energizing . Most important thing while wearing rudrakshas for the first time , it should be worn on Monday and before wearing at least chant the mantra " Om namaha shivaya " 9 times or 108 times whichever is feasible to the customers and think of the desire and problems to remove and wear it. ( All the rudrakshas sold from Rudraksha Nepal are energised with full vedic procedure in customer's name before dispatched ) .

2. Do not wear Rudraksha while going to funerals and brothels. This is the most important task to remember.

3. Rudrakshas should not be shared / exchanged / transferred /from one person to another person after it has been worn.

4. Always wear Rudraksha around the neck so that the beads touches the Heart area. This is most important because it will help to pass the energy of rudraksha via soul to entire human body.

5. There is no harm in wearing rudraksha during intercourse between couples and it has been proven by positive experiences by many couples. Those who would want to have children, according to their wish either husband/wife can wear Rudraksha to enhance the function.

6. Rudraksha is best if worn in the black, yellow or white colored thread or it can be worn in silver, gold, copper and mixed metal. Wearing rudraksha in metal wire or thread the effects are same.

7. Never show your Rudrakshas once you have started wearing. Exposing or showing rudraksha gives benefits to others as well who touched or view it. Since you are wearing rudraksha for yourself so its best to keep it hidden.

8. Once you start wearing rudraksha, wear it continuously throughout your life. Those who wear rudraksha for few days and remove it for few days and wearing it again. This method of wearing will not give maximum benefit.

9. Make Rudraksha a part of your body. Wear it daily like a cloths and don't think and give too much attention to it , you will find more effects.

10. Any type of dietary habits like Non veg, Veg, alcohol and smoking doesn't decreases or give harm while wearing rudrakshas. But after wearing rudraksha if person have excessive habit , due to increment of intuitive power and will power , rudraksha helps to maintain the habit to normal level so that health of the wearer remains perfect all the time.

11. Keep the beads as close to your skin as possible and not let others to touch. Rudraksha can also be kept in Puja room and prayed for benefit of whole family.

12. If the thread is broken while wearing, you can change the new thread and wear rudrakshas, There is no harm if the thread is broken while wearing rudraksha.

( Most Important thing Don't Misuse the power of Rudrakshas )

Maintenance :-
Once you wear rudraksha , maintenance of it is very important , Following tips will help you to maintain the longitivity of your rudrakshas :-

1. Every 15-20 days oil your rudrakshas beads either with mustard oil , sandalwood oil or olive oil.

2. Wash your rudraksha beads every month with boiling hot water. First of all take the the boiling hot water in a bowl. Dip your rudraksha for few minutes and brush each rudraksha with new toothbrush and wash the beads again with water . Let is dry for few hours and oil the rudrakshas again and wear it.

3. If you are sleeping in one positing at night then you can wear rudrakshas beads but those people who are changing position in sleeping number of times it is best to take it our and either put in altar are or keep towards the head region or below the pillow. Because body pressure will damage the thorny part of the beads.

4. Rudraksha should not be worn during shower/bath. That is to prevent the rudraksha from becoming wet. Regularly keep on wetting rudrakshas beads will lessen the Longitivity of the beads.

5. If anyone wet their beads in water then let it dry in sun for about 5 to 6 hours .This will help to keep beads Healthy.