Chammer Chammer
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A chamar is waved at the end of arati(vesper service)and has many layers of meaning such as offering the air element, cooling the deity, keep insects away and as a sign of royal power. Ritually pure, yak tail is the only hair that can be used in puja. 

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Left Handed Conche Left Handed Conche
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Blown at the commencement and end of many Hindu worship services, the sound of the conch clears the atmosphere of negative astral entities. The sound of the conch declares spiritual victory, represents the sacred mantra OM, and embodies the vibrations of the Vedic scriptures.

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Bell Bell
Product Code: HBP04
Bell used for ringing during the worshipping.
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Lakshmi Paduka Lakshmi Paduka
Product Code: HBPO5

Lakshmu Paduka have long history of existance. On various shastra it is said that when the demon and God Performed the samudra manthan (churning of Ocean) , various kind of Jewels came during the process.Out of which Lakshmi came out in Bridal attire with lotus mala in her hand. Everone hailed Lakshmi and the first imprint of the lakshmi Foot of that time was considered as very auspicious as it has all the 15 symbols on it and even the prosperity arises in heaven after the first foot of lakshmi landed in Heaven.
The importance of each symbol on the Lakshmi paduka is :-

Left foot:
a) Teer Kaman (Bow & Arrow) – help to achieve one’s objective.
b) Matsya (Fish) – bring prosperity & health.
c) Kumbha (Pot) – bring good health and fulfillment of desire.
d) Chandra – Brings light & purity in lives.
e) Tilak – improve victory, luck
f) Trikonakar mangal bindu (Triangle) –help to achieving property
g) Chakra rekha – brings health and postiveness in life.

Right foot:
a) Swastika – provide blessings and knowledge
b) Chakra – Saves from Devils forces
c) Shankh – Brings purity in life
d) Surya – Brings success
e) Kumbha - Provide health and fulfillment of desires.
f) Dhwaja (Flag) – Gives right direction.
g) Vajra – Improve the focus.
h) Kamalpushpa (Lotus) –provides prosperity and blessings
i) Trishul – It gives you strength and religious purity.
It is believed that by installing Laxmi paduka at place of worship at home, office or at place of work ,wealth and prosperity.

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(Indian Rs. = 2310)
Gomati Chakra Gomati Chakra
Product Code: HBPO7
Shree Vishnu Gomati Chakra .Bring Auspisciousness in the house.
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(Indian Rs. = 1320)

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