Business Protection Necklace Business Protection Necklace
Product Code: RNL01
Business Protection necklace is designed specially for ladies . The necklace can be worn as official dress and day time as well.
Made with five face rudraksha,10 face rudraksha and fresh water pearl. Wearing this necklace help to protect those ladies specially who are working as independant business women from evil eye , evil thought from their colleague and friends. Brings momentum in business and dealing due to peace and calming energy coming out from it .  
Price In:
US dollars = $ 175
(Indian Rs. = 11550)
Navaratna Shivashakti Mala Navaratna Shivashakti Mala
Product Code: RNL02
Desing :-
 Pendant is designed with nine precious non heated ,non treated gemstone with 3 beads of Gaurishankar Rudraksha Beads together . All the beads are strong with silver wire .
 Length of the mala :- 28 inches Benefits:-
Rudraksha and gemstone wearing together in combination is considered as most auspicious.We have desing this mala so that the wearer get maximum blessing from nine planets as well as Lord Shiva and his wife Parbati.
- It helps to balances the masculine and feminine energies within the wearer's body thus bring peace of mind.
- Prevent and remove the malefic energies of nine planets altogether.
- Provides harmonious relationship between body to mind and within the people around the wearer.
- Blessing of spiritual knowledge and person changes himself /herself more spiritual inclined.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 303
(Indian Rs. = 19998)
Mahabali Hanuman Mala Mahabali Hanuman Mala
Product Code: RNL03
Desing :
Mala made with mixture of crystal beads, coral beads, along with  two bead of 11 mukhi , 1 bead of 10 mukhi rudraksha and five mukhi of 6mm size beads in silver and thread setting. This combination is called " Mahabali hanuman kavach ". Benefits :
Wearer will get blessing of  strength, loyalty, courage and inner peace. It helps protect you from both foreseen as well as the unforeseen dangers ,Curses and 'evil eyes'. it will protect you in all of your endeavors.Those people who have Sade Sati Dasa , it is great remedy ( Yes, his powers are so great that even Saturn fears to influence him and his devotees. In fact those who surrender at Lord Hanuman's feet will never be troubled by any of the 9 planets. He is considered the greatest of the greatest heroes as well as the servant of servants. )
Price In:
US dollars = $ 229
(Indian Rs. = 15114)
Leadership Power Mala Leadership Power Mala
Product Code: RNL04
Leadership mala ( Limited Edition from Rudraksha Nepal )
Made with combination of natural jade from Burma  with rudraksha each one bead of 2 mukhi , 3 mukhi , 8 mukhi ,10 mukhi and Gourishankar Rudrakshas strung all in strong nylong thread with silver beads caps and beads with the attractive  and charming look  for Ladies as they can wear it as their fashionable jewllery with life changing effects of rudraksha and Jade.

Benefits :- 
- Wearing it will ensure more potent enhancement to draw support from your management and people around you in office thus  helps to enhance your recognition and relationship with higher level officers.
- It helps to magnify your career luck leading to authority in the office and promotion opportunities.
- it is best to counter office politics and back stabbing thus it is  one of the most sought combination of natural jade and Rudraksha to make wonders for promotion luck providing a successful career.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 245
(Indian Rs. = 16170)
Ladies Clip Ladies Clip
Product Code: RNL05
Rudraksha Clip made for Ladies so that they can wear this clip at workplace without knowing by others what they are wearing. This clip is made with six mukhi  which will bring creditivity and recognition in work places.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 6
(Indian Rs. = 396)
De-stress Necklace De-stress Necklace
Product Code: RNL06
Fashinable necklace for ladis to wear all the time. This pary necklace is made to with gaurishanakr Rudraksha and five face  beads along with Natural fresh water Pearl. Wearing this necklace will help to remove the stress and tension thus bring balance and peacful mind .
Price In:
US dollars = $ 110
(Indian Rs. = 7260)
Rudraksha Rubber Hair Band Rudraksha Rubber Hair Band
Product Code: RNL07
Gaurishankar Rudraksha Rubber Hair Band for tying the Hair. This hair band is very good evenfor thos ladies who cannot wear the rudrakshas in working place but they would love to wear it.Noone knows about your wearing and its looks professional and cute while wearing. Good for :-strong relationship in working environment, balance of ying -yang energy within the wearer, charisatic outlook  and smooth work/project completion and getting attention and praise from other people.  
Price In:
US dollars = $ 80
(Indian Rs. = 5280)

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