Red Coral Mala Red Coral Mala
Product Code: RCM01
Pure Red Coral of  round shape , approx - 4mm size best quality of 108+1 beads mala.
Taiwan variety.
Uses :- wearing help to remove the blood circulation related problems , strengthen the heart.
            - Good for chanting mantra for Goddess Durga.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 27
(Indian Rs. = 1782)
Italian Coral Ganesh Ring Italian Coral Ganesh Ring
Product Code: RCM03
Italian Coral Ganesh Ring in pure silver. The weight of the coral is in between 5 to 6  caret.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 62
(Indian Rs. = 4092)
Taiwan Plain Coral Ring Taiwan Plain Coral Ring
Product Code: RCM04
Coral ring made in pure silver with pure taiwan plane variety Red coral. The weight of the coral is 5.8 caret.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 72
(Indian Rs. = 4752)
Italian Coral Ganesh Pendant Italian Coral Ganesh Pendant
Product Code: RCM05
Pendant made in Pure Gold of 22ct. for ladies. Lord Ganesh Figure is carved in Italian coral and pendant is mad ein Gold.
Weight of the Coral :- 7.5 ct.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 1250
(Indian Rs. = 82500)
Coral Ganesh Silver pendant Coral Ganesh Silver pendant
Product Code: RCM06
Italian Coral Ganesh pendant in silver. Pendant can be worn by Ladies or Gents both. Weight of the coral Ganesh ;- 5.26ct.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 135
(Indian Rs. = 8910)
Om mani Padme Coral Bracelet Om mani Padme Coral Bracelet
Product Code: RCM07
Coral beads with Om mani Padme written agate stone in streachable thread. Good for Blood pressure maintainance
Price In:
US dollars = $ 23
(Indian Rs. = 1518)

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