Wire Brush Wire Brush
Product Code: RCB01

Wire brush for cleaning rudraksha throughly. First of all hold the rudraksha with left hand 's thumb and index finger and hold the brush in right hand and move the brush up and down touching the rudrakshas. Donot put high pressure. Use light pressure from right hand while cleaning the beads.

Price In:
US dollars = $ 20
(Indian Rs. = 1320)
Smooth Brush Smooth Brush
Product Code: RCB02
Rubber type of brush. This brush can be used to clean the rudraksha to remove the sweat and dust attached on rudrakshas due to continuous wearing..
Boil the water and take out the water in a bowl , dip the rudraksha in water . Clean the rudraksha with this brush. After washing clean the rudraksha again with water and dry it.
Price In:
US dollars = $ 10
(Indian Rs. = 660)

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