Dasavatar Set Dasavatar Set
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Dasavatar set :- Lord Vishnu have ten incarnation according to shastra ,out of which nine Avatar has already happened and last one is going to come in the form of kalki avatar.It is very auspicious to have such great collection and brings lots of benefits worshipping it in house.
a) Matsya
       - Blesses to prevent accident of the family members from natural disaster.
b) Kurma
       - Blesses to weaken the enemies and bringing strength 
c) Varaha
       - Blesses to bring more peace and pleasure in the house.
d) Narshima
      - Blesses to destroy ignorance, protect the house from evil eneriges
e) Vamana
      - Blesses to removes the proudiness , greed, jealousy within the people residing in the house where the saligram is kept
f) Parashurama
      - Blesses to clean the sins and destroy the miseries related to finances and health.
g) Shree Rama
      - Blesses the worshipper with strength , fame , protection and positiveness .
H) Shree Krishna
      -  Blesses with the love and relationship within the family members , Kindness and affection always remain.
I) Buddha
      - Blesses to improve the spiritual knowledge, wisdom , intellectual power .
J) Kalki
     - Removes the Evil and restore the Dharma and truth.
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Sukha Sambridhi Saligram Set Sukha Sambridhi Saligram Set
Product Code: SCS02
 -- Mahavishnu saligram
 -- Mahalakshmi saligram
 -- Maha ganesha saligram
Collection of the auspicious saligrams like " mahavishnu saligram, mahalakshmi saligram and mahaganesh saligram, in the house will be very very beneficial. There is always blessing from God and goddess.There will be always peace and harmony in the house.These saligram can also render success and abolish criticism from the people .Those people who are struggling against reduced profits, or the number of customers/ clients is going down, placement of these saligram in altar place in house is very good.
Blessing of these saligram helps to provide active tools and methods to access the deeper layers of human consciousness and empower a people residing in the house to deal with his environs in a better fashion and help him/her to propsperous in short span of time.
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