Single Cow Donation

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Cows are equal to the rays of the sun that travel through the universe giving light, warmth and nourishment.There is no wealth that is equal to cows. To talk about cows, to hear others speak about cows, to offer gifts of cows to people and to see cows are all auspicious activities. There is never any in-auspiciousness in cows. On Earth cows represent high energy and are endued with the elements of strength and energetic exertion. There are also elements of great wisdom in cows and they are bestows of great happiness upon all creatures. The country or nation where cows are protected and live without fear of slaughter becomes exalted and the sins of that country are evaporated. Cows constitute the stairs that lead to heaven. Cows are adored in heaven. Cows are goddesses competent to grant every righteous wish and desire. Verily there is nothing in the worlds more elevated or superior to cows.Giving the cow as donation brings you all kind of luck ,wealth , health family happiness and according to scripture all kind of past life sins and dids are nullified.

Those Family Who have difficulties in having children , we would suggest you to Donate the cow .

( Note : This Services is not for shipping to any countries , Once we receive donation of the amount , with your name we buy the cow and donate to poor family in village in Nepal )