Respectable Person who have share their wealth to poor people in Need at Nepal. We already Handover the amount to Do the needful jobs to NGO " Friends Of Rural Nepalese ".We pray to Lord Shiva for these people for their success in their life who have contributed. We hope you can do like these people.... 

1. Patricia Augustin , Brazil - US$5 for Health Camp
2. Rajesh Talpade , Australia - US$5 for Health Camp
3. Pradeep Raj , India - US$25 Stationary to children
4. Elizabeth Boose,Brazil - US$10 Stationary Items to Children
5. Murugesh V. - US$5 Stationary Items to Children
6. Peter Malina - US$5 Health Camp
7. Debasis Ghosh - US$5 School Construction
8. Sunil Deshmukh -US$5 Self Sustainable Program
9. Anand Rohira -US$5 Hindu Temple Construction
10. Saravana Prakash -US$5 Health Camp
11. Mahendra P. Singh - IC 5000 School Construction
12. RSANJEEV KUMAR -US$5 Stationary To children
14. Ivani Nunes, Brazil -US$5 Stationary To children
15. jag dosanj, UK -US$5 Stationary To children
16. Megha Shah,USA-US$5 Stationary To children
17. Pawneet Bawa,Delhi US$5 Stationary To children
18. Kantilal Patel ,UK US$5 Stationary To Children
19. Charles Antony Rillhenage,Canada, - US$5 - Stationary To children
20. Annapurna Parija , India - US$5 Stationary TO children
21. Earl Dela Rosa Flores, Philipines - US$5 - Stationary TO children
22. Narayan Swamy , USA - US$5 Stationary To children
23. Paola de Lima Vichy, Brazil- US$5 - School Construction
24. Bharat Vij, USA- US$5 School construction
25. Steven Blain, UK - US$5 - School construction
26. Kishor Mistry , UK- US$25 -School Construction
27. PRADEEP , India - US$55- Stationary To children
28. MAHESHKUMAR VALLABAN,India -US$5 -Stationary TO children
29. Jason Chew,Singapore -S$100 -School Construction