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Guidelines for Genuine Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads have the following Macroscopical features:-

Just after picking the beads from tree, its exterior covering is blue with smooth surface as in the photo thus it is so-called blueberry beads.

Once the outer covering of the bead is peeled off, it shows the actual Rudraksha which is wooden in composition, having thorny, rough and variable macro surface features. The surface is segmented into variable number of ridges that classify them into different Mukhis. Rudraksha bead when placed its flattest end on a smooth table surface, it stands squarely by itself without any tilting sideways. The end sitting on the table surface is the tail part of Rudraksha whereas the mouth part of the Rudraksha can be a bit pointed or elongated so it will not stand squarely and it will lean to one side or the other. In every rudraksha beads, the Mukhis at the mouth area are very close to each other, whereas in the tail part the Mukhis are arranged in fan shaped manner.
The faces or Mukhis of Rudraksha beads are slightly raised from the surfaces and these faces are formed by thorny surfaces. These faces are parallel to each other as shown in the pictures. But all the time the Mukhis or Lines are not raised from the surface, sometimes there will be deep depression.

Authentication services are offered at anytime. Clients are welcome to send their single beads or collection to our Nepal Office for identification and authentication services. Shipments are returned in a 4 days time and client would have to pay shipping charges . Letter of authentication is delivered with the return of customer items, like the certificate given in the table below. With many years of expertise, we can easily recognize Rudrakshas if it is original . Due to increased demand and price, Rudrakshas are made artificially/altered and sold in Indian market by lots of Indian sellers. We share this knowledge so that you are aware of the happenings in the market about the fake. Artificial Rudraksha are often made from the wild berry seeds, nuts and some other woods.

Following are the places where customer can get fake Rudraksha so beware from it :

1.Seller who doesn't have registered company or Shops.

2.Seller who doesn't know much about rudraksha .

3.Website that is just started few months ago.

4.Open shops in the market around the temple area (around the Globe)-This is the major parts where customer can get Fake. In such area the customer go for one time in their life so due to greed of money from shopkeeper, customer can be cheated with fake.

5.Website that display Yahoo and Google Groups on Rudraksha .In such groups people who are moderator and some of the commission agent (paid members) inside these groups washing people mind who doesn't know anything about rudraksha and make them to buy their products . As everybody knows that the owner have to give commission to these agents who write different kind of message with different email address with different style of writing inside their groups to attract new customer ,so there will be high chances of getting fake rudraksha.