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Subject: Thankyou very much for supporting the shiva tradition.
Dear sureshji
Thank you for follow up.
Thanks again. I am a serious devotee of lord shiva thus I should say its lord shiva who made me get the bead from you.Thank you very much for supporting the shiva tradition.


Name : Pari DhanaP.
Address: California ,USA
Subject: Received the courier
I recd. the Adidev Shaligram today - thank you. The product has excellent energy levels. I will be ordering a few more within a couple of days.

Name : Jaranrdhan
Address: Banglore ,India
Subject: Thank you once again
Dear Suresh
I just received my beads today and they are FANTASTIC. Thank you very much. They did arrive in a timely fashion but I was out of town. Looking forward to meeting you sometime.

Warm regards

Name : Martha
Address: USA
Subject: Received the parcel
Dear Suresh ji,

I am too glad to inform you that I have received the consignment (891932981) in time. Thanks also for the free gifts and the complimentary booklet accompanying my ordered items, i was very much happy to find them. I was really amazed to receive the items within three days. Today being a I hope to wear the Rudrakshas.

!!Om Namaha Shivaya!!
Thank you a lot..

Name : Bikram.
Address: Jorhat, Assam.
Subject: Fully satisfied from your products
Dear Suresh ji
I received your parcel on 23-06-, , but only yesterday I had time to see the Rudrakshas. I was busy with my work. Your packing was excellent. It was more than I expected. Everything was safely packed in a safe plastic box. I received all the Rudrakshas in correct numbers i ordered.
Quality is very good .

Thank you,
with regards,

Name : Parthi
Address: Banglore ,India

Subject: Receivd 14 face and shaligram both securly
Hi Suresh:
I received my order. The rudrasksh and the shila look great. Thanks for the silver setting on the rudraksh, it looks good. We are very interested about rudraksh and shaligrams.

Thanks for the quick delivery!

Name : Shailesh
Address: USA

Subject: Received the parcel on time
Dear Mr. Sureshji.

Namaskar.I have received the rudrakshas. I thank you for the complimentary items.

with regards.

Name : Ramesh
Address: Mumbai ,India
Subject: Thanks For the Lovely Rudras
Dear Suresh,

I have received the rudras. Thank you very much.

Name : Vijay
Address: Mumbai ,India
Subject: Lovely and sweetest Pendant
Dear Suresh je
Good Morning, I have just received One Mukhi and sudarsan chakra pendant by TNT Courier, and I will wear both on after puja. and many many thanks for your service, and your nice product. hope all the product is benefical for me and when i got my new job i will contect you for this.

Name : Himadri K.
Address: Mumbai ,India
Subject: Namaste Suresh Ji
Thank you for sending the Divine Rudraksha on time. I am really delighted with your service. I got it before my birthday. I feel really blessed in getting it on time. Your service is really great. I will order further items from you. I really like the size of the Rudraksha, It is as what I wanted. Thank you ....once again.. :)


Name : Pavithrah.T
Address: Australia
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