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Subject: Mr. Suresh
YOur website is very informative and I got to know the importance of Rudraksha and many other holistic items from your site.The crystal mala i bought from you works fantastically.It helps in getting positive energy every day. It gives relaxation of mind and i feel less angry nowadays. I will contact you soon for any need in future.

Name : Kunal
Address: Banglore, India
Subject: Hi
Great! I appreciate your fast response everytime.Every queries you explained indepth, it all makes sense. Got my parcel via DHL in two days , quite fast ! I really do enjoy the products. Thanks a lot Suresh!! trust me i will be buying more in the near future. One thing I do value is quality and you by far have the best.
Wishing your success!!!

Name : D. Singh
Address: USA

Subject: Thank you!
A very big thank you to all at Rudraksha Nepal, I thought of delivery was going to delay but no, it arrived within 2 days and the quality and price of Rudrakshas has made is possible for me to provide excellent combination to my clients at a very reasonable price. Keep up the good work !

Name : C. Banerjee
Address: Calcutta, India
Subject: trust in internet shopping
Thank you so much for all your help since the first time I contacted you. You have been very helpful and patient with getting the information out to me and professional and friendly in the way you do business.I am sure I will be getting top quality beads when I get them. I can hardly wait! Thank you so much again for everything and your valuable time.It is people like you who make us to trust in internet shopping .

Name : Ishita
Address: Brazil

Subject: A Million Thanx
Dear Suresh, a million thanx! I adore your products and so do my customers , the packaging and marking is good and your service and feedback is of the best I have come across on all the internet trading sites I deal with. Each time i am amazed with your items and packaging.All my cusomter loves the items very much , they never ask any shilly question as well. I am hoping to visit the shop soon . Best Regards .

Name : Mary
Address: California , USA

Subject: Dear Suresh
Just arrived Home today ! feel refresh from Nepal tour and due to energies from the Rudrakshas and shaligrams that i collected from you.Once again thanks for giving time for me when i was in Nepal.Its my luck to see all the products and very simplified information about them.I have been impressed by the quality of the products and service. I recommend you to my friend forever.

Name : Ravi
Address: Mumbai , India
Subject: Dear Suresh
I am forwarding a small note of mine for people to see.Buying online can be daunting. I was a little worried when i first placed the order with Rudraksha Nepal. But, my fears were ungrounded. The order arrived a today earlier than expected. The bracelets arrived, as promised, with all the certificate, gift items and secure packaging, and I paid 20% less than the local store here in Canada. The service was exemplary. The site was really easy to use .
So i urges once again to all people around the world not to hesitate to deal with Rudrakshanepal.com

Name : Neeta S.
Address: Canada

Subject: Outstanding service
Received the orders once again on time .Your service is absolutely outstanding! Although i found your website by accident, placed an order immediately as the information of your products and prices are excellent! Quality is more than i expected ,I have already placed 3 orders over the past 2 weeks and shall continue to support and recommend your company . Looking forward to seeing the new products online. Thank you once again for your superb service which makes online shopping secure and trustworthy.

Name : John
Address: Brazil

Subject: Dear Suresh Ji
Just received my order of crystal's shiva linga and shaligram and I felt compelled to write you! They are so beautiful!The energy is as inherent as their beauty. Also, thank you for your wonderful service and prompt delivery!

Name : Siddhartha
Address: Canada
Subject: advices and rudraksha's help
With your advices and rudraksha's help, I have turned my professional life around. I was feeling stuck at one job and I didn't know how to progress to the next level. Within mere months of wearing the combination of 1 face, 4 face, 8 face, 11 face 12 face and 13 face which you have given , communication with my co-workers increased, my ideas started to be implemented dramatically, plus I was promoted and my salary increased by nearly 40%. It helped me focus my intentions and things seemed like, dreams became a reality. Suresh Ji you can post this testimonials for other people to share my expereinces.
Thanks once again for your wonderful work & blessings.

Name : Kurtnik
Address: USA
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