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Subject: my second Order from you
Dear Suresh
I just received the Shaligram stone in today's mail. This was my second Order from you (first one was the shaligram pendant) and I'm extremely happy with both order. I'll definitely be coming back to you again.
Thanks again , always all the best to you ....

Name : Micheal
Address: Florida, USA

Subject: extra rudraksha bracelet
I received my order today. Thank you very much for the fast delivery and love the bracelet and neckless. Thank you for the extra rudraksha bracelet. Are they 5 facets?Also have a question, what is the small metal square plate?

Thank you

Name : karen Goldsmith
Address: Australia

Subject: seeing the rudraksh fine
dear sureshji,

first i wish to say thanks surueshji , four days iam waiting for your parcel today i got it today full moon day thanks sureshji , really i am happy on seeing the rudraksh fine one another thanks for the gifts you have send to me (water beads . pray for us sureshji,
thanks once again.
yours faithfully,

Name : g.nanda kumar.
Address: banglore , India
Subject: received the package today
Dear Suresh ji:
I received the package today containing the Mala and the free gifts. I am thrilled. Thank you very much. The Rudrakshas lookwonderful. I will wait until to wear the mala after chanting the mantra 108 times. If I need more I will defenitely buy from You.I am now very anxious to visit the Pasupathi Temple where my Rudrakshas were blessed. One day, if I have the grace of Lord Shiva, I will come to the temple.
I thank you again. , With best regards

Name : Krishna
Address: Mumbai, India
Subject: blessed rudraksha beads
Dear Suresh Ji, Thank you for sending us the blessed rudraksha beads, we received them today. I really felt good seeing each bead separately packed as per the details i mentioned during the order. I am sure in the long run, I will continue to purchase more and have a good relation with you and Rudraksha Nepal.
Thanks & Regards,

Name : Ravindra
Address: Mumbai, india
Subject: Received 9 mukhi and 11 mukhi Rudraksha
Dear Suresh Jee,
Namaskar, I have Received 9 mukhi and 11 mukhi Rudraksha. and also pashupatinath mandir puja flower .All are in good condition. Rudraksha beads quality is really very very high. I have purchased lot of product from last 4 years from your site. and every time I feel very good with your product and your services. you are a great person. whenever I will come kathmandu , I will meet you. Again Many Many Thanks For High quality Beads, and your good service
Thanks & Regards

Name : Himadri Kumar
Address: Mumbai , India
Subject: received the TNT cons. no. 846727715
Dear Suresh ji,
Namaskar! ,it's my pleasure to tell you that i have received the TNT cons. no. 846727715. also accept my heartiest thanks for the 2 five face Rudraksha that you
sent for free.with warm regards.

Name : Bikram Barthakur
Address: Mumbai , India
Subject: delivery of the Rudraksha
Thanks for the delivery of the Rudraksha. I have received them.Also Thanks for the two complementary 5 Mukhi Rudraksha hich you have sent me.
I will tell about your website to my friends whoever needs.


Name : Aditya
Address: Mumbai , India
Subject: Dear Mr. Suresh
Its time to mail you my experiences with the Karya sidhi mala which i have ordered few months ago.First day i saw the glowing of the strong positive energy in the form of vibration in my whole body, for which it stands , i think you know much better than me..After Few weeks i experienced a clear improvement in the atmosphere of the house, my aura and people around me. But, not only did the atmosphere improve, i also experienced various ( healthwise, Personalitywise,communicationwise, statuswise , friendshipwise and many more) ........ very positive things happening since then. I really feel the divine energy of Lord shiva in my each and every moment of life..Your selection and recommendation really changed my life.
Inner blessing

Name : Nobert
Address: Netherland

Subject: Dear Suresh
I would just like to express my heartfelt thanks on the wonderful shipment of my orders. They are superb! You obviously have a great eye for quality . The efforts you did in selecting my 17 face, 18 face and 19 face are really a great job . Its like i have selected the beads in front of you in your shop.I love it! And thank you, too for the lovely gift. It was delightful and so kind of you. I have told all my New Zealand friends about your site and your friendliness and professionalism. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them.

Name : Karen
Address: New Zealand
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