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Subject: decided to use your puja services
Dr Suresh Ji,Today is a very important day for me, because i have decided to use your puja services for my 'Five Pujas' for my life. Since i am wearing the graha mala, which i have perchased from you, i actually can feel the power of it. I believe after these pujas will be done, there will be great achievement in my life and i am looking forward to it. I think this puja service will help so many people like me, who is unable to visit the greatest temple in Nepal.'Thank You' is not enough word, to express my gratefulness to You.

: Feb
Name : Mr Rajib Nath
Address: london ,United Kingdom
Subject: Mala is very beautifully designed with collector rudraksha
Dear Sureshji
I have got the order. Mala is good. beating my expectation. I have got the customed order of 1-14 mukhi ,savar, 15 mukhi,11 face,12 face ganesh Rudraksha and other + 3 spritual rosaries (ridraksha + spatikha+ red sandalwood) + bracelet . thanks

Name : Hari
Address: South Africa
Subject: Received the parcel on time
Namaskar Suresh ji,
Hope all is well !Thank you very much , I have received my parcel last week , thank you very much. Wish you also a happy new year.
Namaskar ,

Name : Andjenie,
Address: Suriname
Subject: very satified with our rudrakshas
dear dr. Suresh, thank you again we have just recieved the rudrakshas.we are very satified with our rudrakshas and also thank you for the free gifts too.we will come back to you when we need more of your service.

Name : Nantha and Suba
Address: USA
Subject: God bless you and your family to continue to serve the society with the good effects of genuine
Dear Suresh ji,
Sorry for the late reply. I had gone for vacation to my native. So could not inform you of the consigment was received by me in good condition.I received your consignment well on time. All the Kanthas are nicely strung. First mala was the 6 mukhi rudraksha with 33 beads. I got the blessings of lord Karthikeya.
Second mala was the 7 mukhi rudaksha with 33 beads. I got the blessings of Lord Lakshmi and hope the malefics of Shani in my horoscope. I will strictly do sadhna as told by you, to minimise the malefics of Shani. Third and final mala was Ganesha Rudraksha mala with 33 beads. All the beads had the trunk of lord Ganesha whose blessings will surely benefit the family. Thank you for the mustard oil to improve the good condition of the bead.
God bless you and your family to continue to serve the society with the good effects of genuine Rudraksha. I can say the beads are very nice and well strung.
Thank you once again for this.
Thanks & Regards

Name : Jagannath
Subject: received the 15 and 16 mukhi
Dear Suresh Ji,
Namaskar, and thank you very much for chosing the bead for me, looks great! I received the 15 and 16 mukhi this afternoon together with the free gifts. Nice doing business with you. Next will work for the 17 and 18 mukhi in the near future.
Thank you

Name : Sathiya S.
Address: Malaysia
Subject: God Bless you for helping us in getting Rudraksha
Dear suresh ji
namaste,I had spoken to MAF and yesterday by the grace of lord shiva it was cleared from New Zeland custom. We have got the parcel, rudraksh are very good.Today is in New Zealand , i worn it already. all malas we got health bracelet and drinking beads, and shivling all we got. Thank you very much for your help and support.
god bless you for helping us in getting rudraksha.

Kind regards
Hare Krisha

Name : Khus
Address: New Zealand
Subject: Very beautiful Shaligram pendant
Hi Dr Suresh
received the sudarshan chakra shaligram, it is very beautiful, i like it a lot, thanks ,will plan to order some more shaligram from you within next few months

Name :
Address: Canada
Subject: 11 Mukhi mala received
Dear suresh ji,
thank you for your email.My parents have received the parcel. They like the Special rudraksha mala .
thank you for your help.
Kind Regards

Name : Rabin
Address: USA
Subject: Received the sacred (vastu ) wood
Dear Sir,I have received the sacred wood today and many thanks for it. I have kept it in our puja room where our deities are kept, hope this is fine. I have also received the free gift along with the order i.e rudraksha beads and parad shivling.
With best regards,

Name : HBK
Address: Mumbai,India
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