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Subject: Re: Rudraksha order

My friend has recommended me to Rudraksha Nepal to explore the benefits of Rudraksha .Since last feb ,i started wearing rudrakshas. As I began to see the subtle changes, I became a believer. I thank you Mr. Suresh who genuinely cares about his clients and goes that extra mile to help those of us that are a bit hesitant. Definitely to say rudraksha has helped me with:
Health, job, attitude, and income issues. I've been looking for a tool to help unblock some problem areas in my life and Rudraksha seems to be the answer.
Thank you once again Mr.Suresh and Rudraksha Nepal team for advising, providing genuine ,premium quality rudrakshas.

Name : K. Patel
Address: Las Vegas ,USA
Subject: Received the parcel of Rudraksha

namaskar sir
today i have received my parcel. i am happy to see the rudraksha mala. i would be ordering more rudrakshas later.
thanking you

Name : prasita b.
Address: bhubaneswar,India
Subject: Re-order confirmation

Hare Krsna prabhu,
I received the package with the shaligrams. They are beautiful and are being worshipped on my home altar. Thank you very much.
Hari bol,

Name : Joshua
Address: Germany

Subject: Dear Sures ji,

I am very happy with you as you done a diffiult job for me,
God will bless you. After wearing rudrakh i feel very comfort in my life.My mind is cooldown. Relationship is good with others. I prays Lord Shiva gives you more age. I want to go nepal & meet you.After i get money i will order 13face the only remaining rudrakh as recommended by you.
Kindly send the news articles published by you by mail on rudrakh.

Name : Prabina
Address: Pune ,India
Subject: Parcel received.

Namaskar Suresh Ji,
Yes, Yes and Yes!! I got it on morning it would be the you are right. Today is and after chanting "om Namah Shivaya" I wore it around my neck. Great service from your end and great follow up. Will recommend you any one who is looking for a honest and trust worthy website too buy these Gems..
Will like to do more business with you in future..
Keep up the good work!!

Name : Raj k. P.
Address: UAE ,Dubai

Subject: Re : Thank you

I wanted to let you know that since I used rudraksha beads, my lifestyle have changed dramatically and I am FINALLY getting results I should have gotten years ago! .Thank you very much for all the great info in your website for helping people throughout the world at need. !

Name : Iyer S.
Address: Orrisa, India
Subject: Saligrams

I owe you a lot of thanks suresh. The saligram stone grab my attention last year when I was at an all-time low self esteem and stressful situation which i already mention you in my long email.

I've been doing puja for almost exactly one year now and It had completely changed my life . I'm extremely proud of myself and extremely grateful to you. This is going to sound cliche, but I've become the go-to guy around the office for helping other in spiritual feild and I've inspired people around me .

This has been a total life transformation -- and I haven't even thought of it. All looks like miracle.

Lazy no more...

Name : Anil .K
Address: Chennai,India

Subject: Re: Order confirmation

Dear Suresh Ji,
I received your courier with the beautiful 14 mukhi rudraksh and also the free gifts from you. I'm very much thankful to you. I hope to be relieved of Sani Maha Dasha effects by wearing it. Thank you very much.

With Regards,

Name : Vijay
Address: France
Subject: Dear Mr Suresh

I received the parcel yesterday.
Thank you for a beautiful free gift, a 4 mukhi bracelet.

Nepali 2 mukhis seem much more effective than Indonesian 2 mukhis.
They generate strong alpha waves in the wearer's brains quickly.
Really mind calming beads!

Thank you

Name : T.N.
Address: Tokyo ,Japan

Subject: Re : Received my order

I wanted to thank you for all the advice and recommendation you have given to me . I feel great! The other day at a family gathering, i feel more relaxed , the attention of the people toward me was more , even the relatives whom i have bad relationship totally chaged and i couldnot beleive their appraisal .I think its all because of rudraksha beads which is helping to bridge the gap in my habit specially with relationship with people around me..
I will keep upd you the experiences i got after wearing the combination.

Thanks so much!

Name : T. R.
Address: Poland
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