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Subject: Suresh Ji

First let me thank you for sending us such a nice Rudraksha malas for our family and Bala Lingam. I will wear it tomorrow morning ,.I have received my Karya Siddi mala and for my wife Intelligence mala and for my son his 1 mukhi and 2 mukhi. I will call you today morning.For my Son the 1mukhi has sharp silver casing edges and he might not feel comfortable wearing. Is there any other way we can use it and put it in different casing so my little boy can wear it comfortably. He is 20 months (1 1/2 yr) now.thanks a lot once again.

Name : Kishore
Address: India
Subject: Re-thank you for the order

I confirm having received the said rudraksha mala. I thank you very much for your prompt dispatch. I am intended to purchase another rudraksha mala i.e.Siddha mala (Financial freedom mala). So far I have purchased from you, two dhana vriddhi malas, one mahalakshmi mala, one number 7 mukhi rudraksha mala worth U.S.$660 (Rupees above Indian Rs.29,000).I shall be highly thankful if you will kindly provide some more inforamtion to purchase Siddha Mala (Financial freedom mala) by return e-mail. On hearing from you I am going to purchase the said mala. I hope you will do the needful.Thanking you,Yours Faithfully,

Name : S.Nageswara Rao
Address: Banglore ,India

Subject: re-Enquiry form

I can only say thank you for recommending the Rudraksha for removing the ghost from our house. I never believed in these sort of things and rudrakshas until now. We did not know what to do about this until a friend recommended your site. Your prices made it affordable for my whole family to use the beads personally as well as for house. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our heart .

Name : Lalit Miyan
Address: west mumbai-400053 ,India

Subject: re- rudraksha recommendation

I must admit that it was not all plain sailing, but as you said it takes 41days - 90 days for the effects using the Business Siddha Mala with 21mukhi for the altar. The hardest issue to deal with was asking a close family member, whom was causing problems, to leave my business. In the second month - business orders were coming in from everywhere, especially from new customers. In this one month alone, I made the whole years budget in one year. It is now eight months and unbelievably my business has grown five times larger, to the extend that I had to expand new premises. Through this my marriage has improved and my wife and I seem to be getting along much better.

Name : Srikanth V.Reddy
Address: India

Subject: Really thanks a lots...

I just wanted to express my pure satisfaction with the Rudrakshas that I purchased from Rudrakshanepal. I was easy to navigate your website to narrow down my choice of beads. Then your personal advice and expertise helped me select the perfect mala. The Siddha Mala is absolutely stunning! In addition, I was able to save tons of money and get a better quality rudrakshas then I would have elsewhere. The great communication both via email helped me purchase my first Mala online with ease and confidence. It is safe to say that you have found a customer for life.

Name : Surjit Patel
Address: India

Subject: Suresh ji

Your service and advice on Rudrakshas have been an investment well worth every penny. My school year has started well, I feel very positive about the future, my spirit is up and I feel energized for the coming year. Thank you for the time you took to consult with me recommending the right rudrakshas.

Name : Amitab Kulkarni
Address: India

Subject: Namaste suresh Sir

Wow! Rudrakshas are from heaven! I was moved into a new spiritual journey since using them for 4weeks. I have been sharing rudraksha conversation with all my buddies.After hearing my experiences and seeing your site they are very impressed! Thank you for making them so affordable. My life is easier, weightless and I am attracting so many positive people in my life now

Name : Rajeev srivastav
Address: India
Subject: Hi Suresh ji

OK I am excited !! My husband really likes the Graha Shanti Siddha Mala, says he LOVES it..:). He has been wearing it and checking it out and showing it off to Pandits here for over a week. We had a pandit appraise it yesterday and it was just as you represented. The pandit is very knowledgeable and seems to be very conservative with his appraisals so just matching the grading. I provided no info until he had completed his appraisal, from his comments I think he was impressed with the quality . This has been a very good experience and I would highly recommend you to my friends or anyone. Rudrakshanepal is definitely my first stop for any future needs. You were very open and honest with the details of the rudrakshas and were willing to obtain and provide any additional data that I requested, without hesitation. You spent considerable time looking for a good solution and provided multiple options for us to choose from, then delivered exactly as represented and promised.

Name : Neeta Seigal
Address: India
Subject: Hi

Just a line to let you know of some amazing things happening.I have used the rudrakshas that you have sent me and chanted as you have instructed for my health problems. Two weeks after I wearing the beads the tumour stopped showing cancerous activity and the pain which is excruciating is now bearable. I have walked around in circles today, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh. I am thankful of your recommendations and will recommend my frients to your website.

Name : Jhansen
Address: Thane,Bombay ,India
Subject: Hi Suresh

It made wearing rudrakshas a remarkable difference in a short time in my experience - I find I am not so distracted and prioritizing what to tackle next has gotten easier.I want to thank you for supporting me in transforming my talent and life from a source of stress and things. I really enjoyed my life now and wish you and family good life.

Name : Susan M
Address: Hillsdale, NJ,USA
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