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Subject: Dear Suresh ji

I am writting to you now to give you the testimonial on the effects i have received from wearing the rudrakshas recommended. I got the rudrakshas in order that I sell my place quickly. I decided to surf the net on rudrakshas and found your site and it was very easy to pick what i wanted. I got the 16 and 17 mukhi immediately.I did not have time to do much more because by the following day after I received the rudrakshas, there were immediate offers to buy my home..most of them were several thousand dollars beyond the asking price.My husband and I were astonished about how quickly and easily the sale went. We decided to sell to one lady who liked our place very much. I thank you for you prompt replies and quick service.Sincerely

Name : Mary Frances Speares
Address: USA
Subject: Re: 14 mukhi rudraksha

Thanks for your prompt response, Suresh. Having checked a half-dozen websites, I agree with you when you said that your rates are reasonable. And since you are based in Nepal, I am sure you deal with only the authentic ones. I will just take a little time to think over it and decide, and if I decide to go for it, I will buy it from you for sure. In the meantime, please keep me upd if you have a sale running.Thanks and regards.

Name : Raj Mazumdar
Address: Oman

Subject: RE: on the way

Wow, no delay at all.the package came this morning!Everything is in perfect order.I chanted my way through my first one and I'm wearing it as I type. The beads are beautiful.I hope I have success selling them so I can buy more.It was a great pleasure to deal with you folks.My very Best and Warmest Regards to you all.Namaste

Name : John Coleman
Address: Canada

Subject: re-thank you for your order

I am one of your loyal customer and is using your rudrakshas for 1year. I came to find out he is has other women. I don't know why the energy of my rudrakshas did not rub on him. I thank you for your patience replying to my many emails and have purchased the rudrakshas for my husband now.Thank you for the combination and puja for positive changes.

Name : Natalie Goodman
Address: Australia
Subject: Hi Rati and suresh brother

Hi Rati and suresh brother,Namaste. I ordered Siddha malas for my husband and myself. We bought it to help in our work as we are Clairvoyants and Healers, We wanted protection and more energy for the clients we deal with. When we started using it, the energy was overwhelming making us feel very sleepy.We slept for 14hours a days for 6 days.Then my husband developed a rash from his solar plexus to the spleen chakra. It was a hugh cleansing for my husband but we did not know that it will be shown. We learnt that the healings we have done on ourselves is not enough. Everything was shown to me in dreams that it amazed me on how deep the energy of beads go. With the help of the rudrakshas we had more clearing. We feel more centered, our clients see us as different people now. The feedback we get from our clients are very good. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Name : Mr and Mrs Brapada
Address: Sydney Australia
Subject: Hi suresh

I have received the 8, 10 and 11 mukhi 3days ago. I requested for a certificate but i feel embarrased now after seing the mukhis. In my next orders i dont need the certificate any more. I trust your mukhis are genuine. Am seeing more luck coming into my life.

Name : William Shetly
Address: United Kingdom
Subject: Dear Suresh

16mukhi and 17mukhi really works. I had put them together with the other beads i bought from you previously.I never expected for the legal proceedings to run so smoothly to my favour.I am happy with the results. I will pass and recommend your site to others.Thumbs up .I got what I wanted.

Name : Shirley Ashbright
Address: USA
Subject: Hi

I got the 5 beads combination for pushing my procrastion to start my business.After trying gems stones, numerology to change my name-the rudrakshas are working.I am using for 4months now and they are good and am writting to thank you.Thank you

Name :
Address: USA
Subject: Dear SureshJi

Thanx for the up. I received the rudraksha, it is very good. I thank for this. will definitely, circulate about your site.Please let me know, if you publish any discounts/offers in future. I would like to some more multi-faced ones.

Name : Srikrishna
Address: Tamilnadu , India
Subject: Hi Suresh,

I just received my items!Oh, they are really beautiful and worth the wait. To tell you the truth, initially I was apprehensive since this is my first time ordering from your company. But I have to say, it is really worthwhile.Also, thank you for the free gift but since I'm a Christian, I'm not really sure what to do with the free beads you gave me (the brown one). What am I supposed to do with it? Hope you can help me with this.Once again thank you

Name : Renee P
Address: Malaysia
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