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Subject: Dear Sureshji

I got the shippment. The Rudrakshas are really beautiful. Also thanks for the additional mala.After some time I would like to go for additional rudrakshas, Can I add them to my present mala?

Name : Prateek
Address: Riverside,Singapore
Subject: Hi Suresh,

Now I see it.You wanted to surprise me didn't you?Because when I went home yesterday,my Mum told me that there was a package waiting me.When I saw it,I couldn't believe it. Anyway, thank you so much.I hope you can answer this little query I have. The thing is, currently I'm wearing the Navaratna Mala (which I bought from you earlier) and also gemstone rings (aquamarine, diamond, ruby and emerald) and also yellow topaz pendant and navaratna pendant. Can I still wear all this together when I wear Rudraksha Mala or should I remove it? If wear all this together, will it make the Rudraksha less effective. Or is there an adverse/negative effect. Or is better to only wear the Rudraksha and remove all the other gemstones.Please advise, as I don't want to end up doing the wrong thing. I have a good feeling about this Rudraksha. I don't know I have a feeling that from now on, everything will turn out better for me.Oh another thing, you said earlier that when I wear for the first time, I should wear for 24 hours. Can I remove it when I have my bath? And also is it advisable for me to wear the Rudraksha when I sleep? Or should I remove it?Everytime I remove the Rudraksha and wear it again, must I recite the mantra for 108 times or 9 times. Can I wear it without mentioning the mantra everytime?I know I have a lot of questions. Its just that I don't want to do the wrong thing.Thank you once again.

Name : Renee P
Address: Malaysia
Subject: Dear suresh

I got the mala. It is beautiful. Pundit ji really liked it. Thank yo0u very much.

Name : Rebeca Siegel
Address: USA
Subject: Hi

I would like to share my experience after I started using the Rudrakshas beads. For 3days I felt dizziness and was not able to meditate as usual. On the second day when I tried meditating again I felt a heaviness.After 3days my heart and head had a feeling of calmness I have never experienced before.Oh, another thing, when my family and I drank the 5mukhi water, my whole family purged on the day and the next day it was fine.

Name : Sue Clark
Address: USA
Subject: Dear Sir

I have received the order. The rudrakhs are beautiful. I will show it to my Guru and recommend your site to my friends.

Name : Gurmukh Singh
Address: Great Britain
Subject: Dear Suresh and Rati

The rudraksha, yantras and your advice is helping me alot. Thank you.

Name : Jaspal Singh
Address: USA
Subject: Dear Sales

Thank you for the mala. Some feedback. I feel more secure and now feel more positive about the future.

Name : S Gopal
Address: India
Subject: Dear Mr Suresh

Suresh ,sorry for this delay response from my side about the effect of rudraksha that i purchased from your company last year on ,the real history goes here as Our company had been struggling financially in previous year . In desperation we got recommendation from you and the 21 mukhi rudraksha within three days on placing the order with you . Within twenty-four hours of placement of this auspicious 21 face rudraksha beads in our office , the phones began ringing off the hook. Star News Channel even contacted us to do advertisement of a segment of our business. Our business is now moving up and I am certain it was the result of this 21 face rudraksha that we received from you.We were currently in this year moving into our new project of millions of dollar and wanted to make it as excellent and supportive for our goals as possible. I hope this Rudraksha will bring more energy to our business.

Name : Nageshwora Rao
Address: Banglore,India
Subject: re-rudraksha recommendation

I really enjoyed my Rudraksha and Saligram experiences. The recommendations you made were easy and inexpensive and made an amazing difference. I feel more welcoming and comfortable and warm. Suresh you are obviously very knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend you to my friend circle.You are an incredibly intuitive, professional, and informed Rudraksha consultant. Your consultations and recommendations are the best! Not only did you offer astute observations and practical cures and enhancements for the various areas of my life, but you intuitively nailed my current life patterns and challenges by observing my details and prescribing me a suitable remedy. I want to salute you making these major changes to my home and the shifts in my life which are becoming evident with each passing day.

Name : Herry Beine
Address: Italy
Subject: Health fitness mala

Your Health Fitness Mala has helped me to cope with the pain of arthritis I''ve endured for over 5 years , after 45 days of continuous use , I am eager to announce that the pain has gone into total remission. I am off my pain pills for 30 days and my energy has begun to return, I feel like a new person. I really believe your supplied products are genuine and best quality and has really helped me to have an advantage over my condition .Thank you for your wonderful Siddha mala

Name : Namrata Basu
Address: Upper Boon Keng Road,Singapore
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