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Subject: Dear Suresh
I would just like to express my heartfelt thanks on the wonderful shipment of my orders. They are superb! You obviously have a great eye for quality . The efforts you did in selecting my 17 face, 18 face and 19 face are really a great job . Its like i have selected the beads in front of you in your shop.I love it! And thank you, too for the lovely gift. It was delightful and so kind of you. I have told all my New Zealand friends about your site and your friendliness and professionalism. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them.

Date : May 2010
Name : Karen
Address: New Zealand

Subject: Hi Suresh
Well ! the Rudra Dev pendant I ordered arrived today and am I ever impressed! It is positively gorgeous ! Your packaging is very secure as i was worried of damage in shipping. It so beautifully, when I saw this enclosed in the box I smiled and laughed- and truly felt like a kid. Thank you for the exceptional service, for all your help, and for creating such marvelous masterpieces. I will most definitely be back soon !
Have a wonderful day !

Date : May 2010
Name : Rakesh
Address: Mumbai ,India
Subject: so nice to deal with people like you
Dear Suresh
Package arrived . The Gayatri Siddha mala ,of course is beautiful and i already started wearing it and will hopefully do its thing. I assume you have programmed ( blessed ) this mala to take care of all my worries right? In any event, thank you so very much. It is so nice to deal with people like you who care about their customer so much. Thank you

Date : May 2010
Name : Vikram
Address: California ,USA
Subject: received the my order
I have received the my order, Packing is good and thanks for free gift.Thanks

Date : April 2010
Name : Aruna
Address: USA

Subject: You have been so helpful
Suresh ji
Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to my email. You have been so helpful to me. I will order the rest of the rudraksh soon too which you advised. Thanks once again

Date : April 2010
Name : Naveen
Address: USA
Subject: Hope to deal with you in future
Hello Suresh
We have received the item today. Thanks very much. Hope to deal with you in future. Many Thanks

Date : April 2010
Name : Asha Handa
Address: UK

Subject: received the parcel its is very nice
Dear Sureshji
Namaskar ,Sir Thank You Very Much Just now i have received the parcel its is very nice i Liked it very much thank You Very much once more

Date : April 2010
Name : Sunitha
Address: Hyderabad,India
Subject: have just received my parcel
Thanks for your mail Thanks i have just received my parcel. And also thanks for your advise i will try it. i will order shree laxshmi narshima shila when i come back from holiday.

Thank you

Date : April 2010
Name : Preety,
Address: UK

Subject: i am very glad i bought these from you.
Dear Sureshji ,Thank you very much for the rudrakshas. They are excellent. I am very glad i bought these from you. I will come back for more soon.
Best regards

Date : April 2010
Name : Dr. Yen. Srinivas
Address: USA
Subject: wonderful Parad Shivalinga
Hi Suresh Ji
Thank you so much for the wonderful Parad Shivalinga and it arrived within 4 days. My parents are really happy in receiving them. They were also happy with getting the extra gifts along with the shivaling. Thankyou once again.

Date : April 2010
Name : Pavithrah
Address: USA