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Graha - Shanti Siddha Mala
Graha - Shanti Siddha Mala

Combination Of Rudraksha :-
One Face -1 pcs, Two mukhi - 3 pcs ,Three Mukhi -3pcs, Four Mukhi - 2 pcs, Five Mukhi - 3pcs, Six Mukhi - 3 pcs, Seven Mukhi -3pcs , Eight Mukhi -1 pcs, Nine Mukhi - 1pcs ,Ten Mukhi - 1 pcs, Eleven Mukhi - 1pcs, Twelve Mukhi -1 pcs , Thirteen Mukhi -1 pcs , Fourteen Mukhi -1 pcs ,Gaurishankar - 1 pcs ,Ganesh Rudraksha -1 pcs  ,Guru Rudraksha Beads - 1 pcs of Nine Face 

The Mala consist of the above mention rudrakshas along with the Navaratna semiprecious stones. The one face is capped in pure silver. The beads are strong in red thread with the Navaratna stone beads as spacer. Beads are strong in head to head and tail to tail part configuration.

Benefits :
Wearer gets synchronizing power from rudraksha and gems, helps in normalizing balanced release of hormones within the body so it regulates as well as maintain the Neurophysiology of human leading to diseased free health. This mala brings health and prosperity to the individual. Negative effect of Saturn, Rahu, and Kalsurpa Dosa will be pacified immediately after wearing it. Due to its complete and powerful effect in normalizing health and planetary positions, it will improve the wealth. It helps to attract customer in any kind of business dealings. It removes the negative effect of nine planets on our body and luck. So good luck and fortune remains with the wearer at all times, leading to an eventful life. Black magic cannot do any harm to the wearer and his/her family. To avoid going through success and failures, happiness and sorrows in various aspects of life in different time slots in varying degree, Graha Shanti mala is a great remedy.
Length approx -35 inches

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