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Siddha Mala (Love - Affection)
Siddha Mala (Love - Affection)

Combination Of Rudraksha :-
One Face -1 pcs, Two mukhi - 3 pcs ,Three Mukhi -3pcs, Four Mukhi - 2 pcs, Five Mukhi - 3pcs, Six Mukhi - 3 pcs, Seven Mukhi -3pcs , Eight Mukhi -1 pcs, Nine Mukhi - 1pcs ,Ten Mukhi - 1 pcs, Eleven Mukhi - 1pcs, Twelve Mukhi -1 pcs , Thirteen Mukhi -1 pcs , Fourteen Mukhi -1 pcs ,Gaurishankar - 1 pcs ,Ganesh Rudraksha -1 pcs  ,Guru Rudraksha Beads - 1 pcs of Gaurishankar Rudraksha.
The Mala consist of the above mention rudrakshas.The one face is capped in pure silver.The beads are strong in silver wire with silver caps for each rudraksha. 

Benefits :
This mala have very strong energies and the wearer gets benefit of all different rudraksha with major effect is following fields:
- To attract love into your life.
- Protection & balance.
- Wealth, long life, good luck and safety.
- If you are suffering with your partnership, or having lonely life, wearing this mala will bring family happiness soon.
 Not only it has these benefits, it has strong power for strength, victory, longevity, love romance, fidelity, dignity, intelligence,         wisdom.Wearer will find the unity and strong support from the family as well as people at working, to improve his life.
Length approx -35 inches

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