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Gayatri (Financial freedom) Siddha Mala
Gayatri (Financial freedom) Siddha Mala

Combination Of Rudraksha :-
One Face -1 pcs, Two mukhi - 3 pcs ,Three Mukhi -3pcs, Four Mukhi - 2 pcs, Five Mukhi - 3pcs, Six Mukhi - 3 pcs, Seven Mukhi -3pcs , Eight Mukhi -1 pcs, Nine Mukhi - 1pcs ,Ten Mukhi - 1 pcs, Eleven Mukhi - 1pcs, Twelve Mukhi -1 pcs , Thirteen Mukhi -1 pcs , Fourteen Mukhi -1 pcs ,Gaurishankar - 1 pcs ,Ganesh Rudraksha -1 pcs  ,Guru Rudraksha Beads - 1 pcs of eight face.

The Mala consist of the above mention rudrakshas. The one face is capped in pure Silver.The beads are strong in red thread with the Silver beads and pure pearl beads as spacer. Total beads in the mala 27+1 beads. Beads are strong in head to head and tail to tail part configuration.

Benefits :
Wearer who has multiple problems which ultimately leads to very bad financial status in life should wear this Mala.
-  To avoid financial problems, and have a peaceful life
-  Stability in Life
-  Fearlessness about future.
-  Wealth and health improvement.
-  Leadership quality, spiritual growth of knowledge, luck increment, mental power sharpness and good decision maker.
-  Wishes and desire comes true.
-  Money starts flowing toward wearer, good financial security. Wearer may instinctively be able to spot bargains, good deals, profitable investments.
Length approx -35 inches

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