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Dhan Briddhi (Wealth) Mala
Dhan Briddhi (Wealth) Mala

Combination of Rudraksha :
Gaurishankar:-1 pcs , Seven face:-4 pcs , Two face :- 1 pcs, Eight Face:-2 pcs, Thirteen Face:-2 pcs, Small Five face(5mm):-4pcs
This mala is made up with top quality Rudraksha beads with above mention rudraksha beads along with Red coral beads representing Goddess Lakshmi. Mala is strung in silver chain with silver flower as spacers.

Benefits :
This mala is highly auspicious and have multidimensional effect to improve wealth of individual from:-
-Multi income opportunities
-Increase in intellectual, thought, creative and will power.
-Removal of obstacles in work related areas.
Length approx -35 inches

Price In:
US dollars = $ 770
(Indian Rupees = Rs. 50820)

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