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Rudraksha the Bio-Magnetic Fruit

Rudraksha beads - a fruit with natural bio-magnetic, diamagnetic and electromagnetic properties was researched and proven scientifically 42 years.. more


Sleep is a natural process in our body giving the rest for the body and to the mind. There are various evolutionary theories mentioned in relation.. more

Meditation with Rudraksha

What is Japa

For the worship and rituals of almost all the gods and goddesses, the Jaap or frequent Chanting of.. more

Message From Director

Welcome to Rudraksha Nepal
It is with great pleasure that we welcome all our customers to the Kingdom of Nepal. Nepal's.. more

Why buyers Love Rudraksha Nepal
  • Rudraksha Nepal - a Government Registered Company
  • Safety and Security
  • Hundreds of Quality.. more
Shipping Rates

Shipping charge for different countries are different and already integrated in our website. When you place the order online from our website ,.. more

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