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Rudraksha the Bio-Magnetic Fruit

Rudraksha beads - a fruit with natural bio-magnetic, diamagnetic and electromagnetic properties was researched and proven scientifically 42 years ago at Banaras Hindu University, India. Rudraksha is a dry nut type of fruit with a natural hole in its central axis and it can be worn around the neck. Rudraksha is found in Nepal. The Rudraksha beads, is considered as one of the best Nature's Gift to human, with its wide variety of benefits. It enhances the positive life force energy within the human body, which can influence human life spiritually, materially as well as physically. The beads powerful magnetic properties help to strengthen the heart and mind. Wearing it around the neck, one can find peace in mind and soul.

Hinduism is considered as eastern religion of world but due to its vast knowledge it is rapidly growing and is accepted in western world. There are three Gods related to Hinduism - The Brahma ( The Creator ), The Vishnu ( The Preserver ) and The Shiva ( The Destroyer).

Rudraksha is a deciduous plant that produces the hard nut called as Blueberries, are highly revered in our eastern Hindu religion due to its link with the Lord Shiva. Once upon a time (more than 12500 B.C), Shiva was meditating for 1000 years to protect Humans, Gods and Goddess from Demons. A Tear from the eye of Lord Shiva dropped on earth resulting in the origin of the Rudraksha Tree.

In the ancient scripture it has been written that Rudraksha has the ability to waive off all the suffering of Humans caused by negative energy, past life wrong deeds, and negative influences from Planets. Wearing Rudraksha beads give rise to peace of mind and soul. Rudraksha not only has spiritual benefits, it also fulfils human desires and brings Happiness.

Although rudraksha has been worn since ancient times, it has not gained so much popularity until the recent 42 years. At Banaras Hindu University, India, research on these wonderful beads was documented that Rudraksha has bio magnetic, electromagnetic and paramagnetic energies in subtle level which is enough to change our bodily system. They have noted that wearing rudraksha beads maintain the blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle. It has been found that free nerve ending around the skin stimulate the neurotransmitter helps in relaxing the mind, thus it gives proper sleep.

What does a Rudraksha look like?

Rudraksha beads are a fruit commonly called as Blueberries. It has a thin, sweet shell of blue color when it ripens on the tree. Removing this shell the true Rudraksha is found which is round or oval in shape with morphologically human brain likeness with grooves and plain surface. The surface is outlined with converging vertical line toward north and south pole. It has Central hole passing through this two poles.

These Lines are called as Mukhi (facet), based on this facet, Rudraksha is classified from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi separately. Each mukhi has different levels of energies.

Where are Rudraksha Found?

Rudraksha has been growing in Nepal, India, Australia, Bhutan and Indonesia but the best species has been found in Nepal called as Elaeocarpus Ganitrux Roxb. Rudraksha should be worn like a necklace or it can be worn on the wrist.