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Rudraksha Recommendation

Recommendations are added with intent and purpose to accelerate a solution that will give the wearer, the best of Health, Happiness and Success for the rest of their life in Dharma, Artha ,Kama, Moksa .Rudra Bhandar's recommendations for Rudraksha are based on Numerology ,astrology and the problems of the person. For the best recommendation we need the persons full name ,all the Astrological information and their problems which is used for selection of beads that are needed. Rudraksha were given to Mankind to remove sin and suffering. They are a part of God, has no side effects ,help in pacifying the planets and other negative influences that are affecting a person life in the present moment as well as Rudrakshas act to buffer negative past karmic status that perhaps as bad as may have been. Single or combination of beads should be worn according to recommendation for fulfillment of all desires .Please Fill the details Properly :-