Seal of Guarantee

  • Great care is taken to provide our clients with Authentic Rudraksha
  • Great care is taken to implement the Traditional Malas according to the Knowledge found in the Siva Purana and the SriMadDeviBhagavat
  • All the Holy Rudraksa Beads are inspected for highest quality at time of shipping to our clients.
  • In addition to this Guarantee, Rudra Bhandar also offers refund or exchange on purchases if there is good reason and if items are returned within 1 weeks of receipt of goods in the same condition as delivered to client.
  • Please select the Holy Items needed with the greatest confidence Knowing that all we distribute world wide are Authentic and of the Highest Quality rudraksha.
  • All Holy Items are Blessed for the clients in pashupatinath Temple (Biggest Shiva Temple In the world )before shipping.
  • Along with the Rudraksha items you will receive the certificate of authenticity as follows :-