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Sleep is a natural process in our body giving the rest for the body and to the mind. There are various evolutionary theories mentioned in relation to sleep. Some scientist point to the evolutionary advantage of sleep to conserve the energy and reduce food consumption. Another theory indicate that sleeping in darkness, reduces the attack from the dangerous predator whereas the physiological theory explains that sleeps is needed for the body to relax and repair the cell damage. It seem certain that sleep gives the brain a rest. Production of serotonin and norepinephrine, chemicals that help to transmit signals from brain to the nerve, is reduced during the sleep. Those people who are deprived of sleep for one or two nights shows irritation, changes in behavior, memory failure and poor concentration. Sleep varies individually as some people need very little sleep and some need long hours of sleep. With today's fast moving lifestyle many people fall short of their sleeping habits due to many factors like stress, anxiety, tension and many more, creating a dangerous disease called "Insomnia". Thus derailing their work capacity and length of the healthy lifestyle. Many diseases with us are originated from lack of sleep (Insomnia). We approach doctors and hospitals for a cure but we entangle our self with more problems due to wide variety of prescription from them. We forget to mirror our self, the simplest method to get rid of it. Here are 10 best methods which will help you to bring your joyous sleep by Natural means.

  1. Clear your mind all the anxieties and thoughts of the Day. Avoid feeling of anger and resentment.
  2. Don't read exciting books or watch the thrilling movies before bedtime. So avoid excitement before bedtime.
  3. Tell frequently throughout the day and again last thing at night, that you will be relaxed in mind and body, go to sleep quickly, sleep right through to the morning.
  4. Make the bedroom a pleasant place, soft lit, quite and comfortable.
  5. Follow the natural human sleeping pattern sleeping early and waking early.
  6. Unwind physically. Progressively relax your body, tensing and then releasing each group of muscle from the toes to head. Or Do meditate 15 minutes before sleeping.
  7. Avoid nicotine or caffeine for at least an hour before sleep.
  8. Try soothing beverage, mix of milk and honey drinks.
  9. Repeatedly say the soothing formula " I am drifting off to sleep " - before sleep and if you wake during the night.
  10. Don\'t worry about the amount you are sleeping. If these exercise produced no immediate effect, continue them.

    After several nights the unconscious will begin to get the message to give you good sleep. During the process, you can wear some rudrakshas to get faster success.

Our Recommendation :-

One pcs of 5 mukhi and one pcs of 8 mukhi will be best combination to wear only during sleeping time and worn them at least one hour before going to sleep.