We and You together should help these People in Need. Bringing smiles in their life.

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Help the Earthquake Victims in Nepal.   

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On 3rd Nov 2023 at midnight 11 PM an  earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hit in western part of Nepal killing 165 people and destroying more than 2000 houses  and cities. There has been a lot of damage in the earthquake-affected area. Hundreds of people are injured, thousands of houses have been destroyed, and our government as well as every citizen of nepal and people from abroad is engaged in relief work. We have sent our staff to the affected area for the humanitarian work to help and support the affected individual and families.

We are collecting fund and purchase necessary medical, clothes,foods and distribute to the people and family to the earthquake-affected area .We are purchasing the items for temporary tent to families to stay safely , purchasing food for them , sending their kids to school and purchasing clothes for them as the cold winter season just started. So please help them .

Please help them .

You can be confident that your gift will make a real difference and have the maximum impact possible.

Thank you for helping earthquake-affected families and those most marginalized and underserved by society recover and rebuild their lives with dignity!