Non Chakra Shilas

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Dwaraka Shila is a special types of shaligram stones with many chakra in it.The Brahma Purana states that wherever shaligram shila and Dwaraka shila put together, it provide the blessing of the house and family members with prosperity and richness .In the Skanda Purana Brahma says to Naranda (a saint) , "O Munishvara! Wherever dwaraka shila put together with the shaligram shila all kind of poorness related to wealth, health . relationship , status , intellegance, knowledge will be vanished from the House.The Skanda Purana mention that if a man worships a dwaraka shaligram shila with or without devotion, he becomes free from all sin of past life. Not only this simply darshan of this shila fulfils all desires. In some scripture it says that one who keeps dwaraka shila along with twelve different shaligrama shila will be honored even in Vaikuntha ( lord Vishnu Place ) after death .