Eight Mukhi

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Eight mukhi Rudraksha is the symbolization of Lord Ganesh. It has eight linings displayed on its surface. Unlike one mukhi Rudraksha it can be obtained quite easily. One can just wear one bead of eight mukhi Rudraksha for attaining anticipated results. Prior to its use it must be energized to reap best results. Its wearer shall have the blessings of Lord Ganesh.

 Om kam asta vaktrasya Om hram greem lam am shree

should be chanted while wearing eight mukhi Rudraksha.

It is coupled with numerous gains leading to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It works wonders for people who are accident-prone. It keeps one away from unpredictable accident, misfortunes, obstacles and miseries. It is extremely beneficial for getting rid of nightmares and mental instability. It holds the key to happiness, glory, victory, good luck, prosperity, positive career prospects, high confidence level, spiritual attainment, sharp memory power, success and wealth. Moreover, one can easily attain victory over enemies just by wearing eight mukhi Rudraksha. It also ensures good fate in next rebirth after death. It oozes goal-driven promises to professionals engaged in businesses like lotteries, horse riding, betting etc. Medically also, it gives red signals to diseases like stomach ache, stress, skin diseases, anxiety, eye catarrhisis, hydrocel, airtracia etc. Since Ruhu is its ruling planet, it is especially beneficial for people who are astrologically influenced by the negative effects of Rahu. It also provides longevity to healthy and quality life. It also assists in excelling academic performance. Hence, writers and intellectuals are found to have their preferences more inclined towards eight mukhi Rudraksha. Its power is so divine that one can be freed from all the sins just by using or wearing or worshipping it. It acts as an effective tool for anger management and good concentration.

Ruling Planet: Rahu
Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya