Rudraksha FAQ

Frequently Asked Question about Rudraksha
1. What is Rudraksha ?  
Rudraksha - are fruits by nature produced by Elaeocarpus trees that are only produced in Nepal. More then 15 ancient Hindu scriptures has mentioned about it's benefits and importance. According to them it is a gift of Lord Shiva to Humans for lessening their pain and suffering arising from problems in this lifetime.
2. Do Rudrakshas really work ?  
As we all know the effects and benefits of Rudrakshas has been documented in Various scriptures since ancient times. This has been proven by scientific research on Rudraksha done by Group of scientist and they have found that rudraksha have Bio-Magnetic properties, Dipolar nature which are good energies which will help to change human mindset, neurophysiology leading to change in human personalities, character, mindset, outlook, charisma, and confidence, tranquility and calmness and many more ...That means Rudrakshas also play an important role and has major influence on human physiology and central nervous system. Yes rudraksha definitely works and how rudraksha's work is a phenomena which is very difficult to describe. After studies on more then 20 thousand customers related to their timing of benefits seen, one area where rudraksha really works is on "Past life Karmic Sin Removal", that is when someone wears rudrakshas it start clearing karmic sin of past life and makes the soul fresh and refresh. Thus it leads to achievement of desire and removal of problems opening ones inner consciousness and realisation of oneself. Another fact which we have seen is that after wearing rudrakshas whatever has to happen in wearers life will happen, but will happen in lesser degree, the pain and suffering will not be there or intense and the wearer will have refined inner understanding of the situation.
3. Where is Rudraksha produced ?  
Although in various books it is written that rudrakshas are produced in different countries but all these remains as myth and history only. Nowadays rudrakshas are produced only in Nepal and in Nepal it is only produced in only one small area (around 20 -50 sq km)located in Eastern Nepal. Unusual things may occur in every subject so that some of the trees can also be grown in other parts of world but in very few numbers. This is due to migration of plants and seeds of rudraksha. Thus whole world's need of rudraksha is produced only in Nepal.
4. What happens and advices after wearing rudrakshas?  
Generally after wearing rudrakshas, within few days, people will feel some purging effect that is clearing of the negative energies from the body. This clearing of the energies depends on the individual. Most of the reactions are headache, heat /energy flush around the faces, pain around the eyes, slight rashes, stomach pain and for some people diarrhea and vomiting. During this time keep on wearing rudrakshas as these symptoms last for one to two days and there is no need of medical help. Drink warm water as much possible as it helps to clear negative energies and toxins from the body fast. For some wearers during the first few days of wearing they feel very alert and cannot sleep at night due to high energies of the rudrakshas, so remove the rudraksha and put near the head region and sleep. Some people feel they cannot wear rudraksha mala and feel some kind of unknown disturbances, so during this time do not remove the mala from the body as it is clearing energies from the aura and body around the person as well as the energies from the rudrakshas are trying to synergise with the body energy. If you remove the mala and decide to wear again you will feel the same purging effects which will subside and synergise with your body within few days. The only remedy for the purging is drinking lots of warm water to flush out the toxins. For majority of wearers when they first wear the rudraksha mala within the first few days they see and feel changes in their life, higher confidence and self-esteem, improvement in charisma and communicative skills and many more. For some the effects are slow and for some very fast they can see the achievement of their desires and resolving of their current problems.
5. Who can wear Rudrakshas ?  
According to the scriptures there is no restriction of wearing rudraksha by any cast, any sex, any age group and any religion. Rudrakshas are fruits produced naturally in tree so anyone from any religion and belief can wear it. In ancient times nepal and many other countries used to be part of Hindu empire so the sages wrote about the benefits of it in their scriptures in sanskrit, so in the market you will find misinformation that it can be worn by hindus only which is a misconception. In the scriptures it has been mentioned clearly that it is the bead used to remove sins and suffering of human. So every human in this world can enjoy the rudraksha's benefits.
According to Srimaddevibhagavatam (the oldest holy books), it describe the origin of Rudraksha on its eleven chapter -VII
khanda as :-  "Person who wears rudraksha with or without faith, with or without mantra chanting and with or without energizing it get full benefits ".
6. Does Rudraksha gives harmful or negative effects ?  
Rudraksha never give negative energies and harmful or side effects. Rudraksha only provide beneficial and positive results. Rudraksha is a natural seed produced naturally on a tree and it is a living object because if you plant it in soil it germinates. Scientifically also it has been proven that rudraksha has biomagnetic, inductive and dipolar nature so whatever energies it absorbs from the environment and from the body, it converts into positive energies. Another fact is that rudraksha controls the all nine planets in our cosmos whereas gem stone is controlled by Its specific planets. So rudraksha never give side effects or harm whereas gem stones can give negative energies or harmful effects if wrongfully recommended. Rudraksha itself represent Lord Shiva and it has many herbal properties within it because it is mostly grown in Himalayan region which is organic and high in energy. In reality the Puranas specifically state that Rudraksha do not harm under any circumstance and contemporary scientific studies have found that Rudraksha do not harm. It has found that the Holy Rudraksha will never harm and never give negative influences because this is not their nature and this is not what Lord Shiva intended for them to do, when he shed his Tears for the benefit of Mankind.
7. How much time will it take to see the effects of Rudraksha after wearing ?  
From our experiences with more than 20 thousand customers, we have seen that : -

-- around 10% people get the effects within 2-3 days. 
-- around 30% people get effects within 10-15 days. 
-- around 50% people get effects within 30-40 days. 
-- around 5 % people get effects within 5-7months. 
-- remaining percentage people get effects within two years. 
So most of the people After the first 40days of wearing, the user can feel the vibration of energy surrounding them which exerts its beneficial effect slowly afterwards.
8. How do we recognize or identify head and tail part of a Rudraksha beads ?  
To do this physically take any Mukhi bead and place the flattest end on a smooth table surface so it stands squarely by itself without any tilting from one side or the other. The end sitting on the table surface will be the tail part of Rudraksha. Normally the mouth part of the Rudraksha can be a bit pointed or elongated so it will not stand squarely on its mouth and it will lean to one side or the other. You can refer to our website and look at the any Rudraksha pictures that has the mouth part showing to the viewer. Now look at the tail part of bead to identify the differences between the mouth and tail.
9. Can rudraksha be worn with gemstones, crystals, magnetic items and spiritual products ?  
Yes, rudraksha can be worn with any items whether it is gemstone, crystals, etc or any other spiritual items. Rudraksha enhances and energises the effects of other items and removes all the negative energies brought to person's aura by other items. Any animal or dead body related items and tantric items should not be worn with rudraksha.
10. Is it true that Rudraksha shouldn't be worn before chanting the mantra ?  
Wearing rudraksha does not mean you need to chant mantra or be spiritual or holy. Rudraksha will give same effect wheather person chant the mantra or not.
11. While wearing Rudrakshas, if some thorny part of rudrakshas is chipped off or if hairline crack appears inside the lines can we continue to wear and does it have same power ?  
As you all know rudraksha is a fruit with seeds inside it. Each lines (mukhi) have seeds inside and the seeds are protected in the compartments. Due to dehydration, rudrakshas sometimes shrink or sometimes due to unexplained phenomena the rudrakshas expand. During this phenomena some small hairline cracks will appear in the gaps of lines. This is common phenomena. Hairline crack do not reduce the power of rudraksha and it does not reduce its logitivity. It makes you aware that you should apply the oil on the rudraksha at least weekly.Sometimes while wearing rudrakshas small thorn parts is chipped off due to wear and tear which is common. The power as well as effects are not affected by by the chips. If the rudraksha is destroyed such as, the seeds inside is destroyed due to breakage or more than 60% of the rudraksha surface is destroyed by insect or by human act then it losses most of its power. The rudraksha should be thrown into the river or sea and should not be worn.