Rudraksha - In scientific terminology, Rudraksha is known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. It is endowed with religious,medicinal and spiritual significances, originating in pre-historic times from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. The seed contains secrets of the entire evolution of cosmos within it. These beads are mystically potent for all human beings in which the almighty is encoded - the deep power behind its existence. Its mystical powers can be seen in all related field of Wealth, Health, Prosperity,Protection, Self-Empowerment leading to freedom of suffering since time immemorial as shown and recorded in ancient scriptures .

According to the Hindu scripture, Rudraksha beads are the holiest items embodied with mystical powers. These scripture states that Rudraksha is utilized to bring spiritual and material well-being to the wearer as well as for medicinal purposes since the ancient time.

Most of the powers of Rudraksha are associated with the number of mukhi or faces the beads have. Yogis and Monks of Nepal, India and many other countries have worn Rudraksha beads for thousands of years to cultivate physical, mental and health prowess to achieve Fearlessness on their Spiritual path leading to enlightenment and liberation. According to old scriptures, 'He who wears Rudraksha round the hands, arms and over the head cannot be killed by any living being. He shall roam the world in the form of Rudra. He shall be respected by the Gods and Assures always as well as be honored like Shiva. Even the devotees of Vishnu and other deities shall unhesitatingly wear the Rudraksha for gaining spiritual enlightenment .
The natural Electromagnetic Properties of the Holy Rudraksha Beads have been found to improve concentration, focus and mental stamina. When worn on Malas around the heart area it was found that they reduce and control stress levels, blood pressure and hypertension resulting in the feeling of tranquility and calmness. Rudraksha Beads were found to be ideal for focused Meditation and other Spiritual Practices.
Though the powers of the Rudraksha beads have been known as a phenomenon for thousands of years in Vedic Knowledge, it is only since the late 1960s that their values and merits have been documented in modern science through research conducted by a group of scientists lead by Dr Subas Rai PHD Institute of Technology University in Banaras India.
Research has proven that Rudraksha have powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive Properties that vary from the different Mukhis of Rudraksha beads. It creates specific electric impulses that are sent to the brain through the process of reflex skin response stimulating certain brain centers that transfer information in the Neurophysiology, which is the major way of impact of Rudraksha in human body.
Wearing of Rudraksha creates improved and balance activity of neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin levels that is evidenced by the positive transformation in the personality, mindset, outlook, charisma, and confidence of the wearer.
It was also proven that wearing of Rudraksha beads controlled heart beat and had a positive effect on the Blood Pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Palpitation, and lack of concentration etc.
Briefly the advantage after wearing Rudraksha beads or malas are described as follows:-
  • Medicinally:-
    Regulation of Blood pressure, Stress control .
    Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Concentration .
    Impotence, Sterility, Brain Disorder Schizophrenia, Mood Disorder, etc .
  • Spiritually:-
    A man who wears Rudraksha with or without Mantras, with shame or otherwise gets rid of all sins and attains perfect knowledge.
    Protection against Accidents and Premature Death .
    Increases Intelligence
    Development of Dispassion
    Detachment and Spirit of Renunciation .
    Protection from the Negative Astrological Influences.
  • Materially:-
    Wealth and Prosperity .
    Success and Power.
In addition to general purpose mentioned above, Rudraksha Beads affect specific areas of health, happiness, enhance spiritual fulfillment, prosperity, creativity, intuition, material fulfillment, family harmony and fearless life. So Rudraksha is believed to improve general health, remove misfortune, give purity, peace and stability of mind. Another benefit of the Rudraksha is that after wearing them in combinations, one doesn't have to worry about the worse effect of nine planets anymore. These rudraksha are used to break up (karmic) behavior patterns, and makes one positive as much as one stops making mistakes and misjudgments.