Eleven Mukhi

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Vedic scriptures state that eleven mukhi Rudraksha represents the eleven forms of Lord Shiva also called Akads Rudra. Amongst the eleven forms of Lord Shiva, the eleventh form is Lord Hanuman. Eleven mukhi Rudraksha also symbolizes god Indra, king of Gods. According to the ancient religious texts, several great sages have worn eleven mukhi Rudraksha during their meditation for spiritual quest. Moreover, it is regarded very auspicious in religious rituals. Hindu belief is rooted on a perception that whoever wears eleven mukhi Rudraksha, s/he shall attain all the eleven heavenly virtues of Lord Eleven. Further more, religious texts also boost that wearer of eleven mukhi Rudraksha does not take rebirth but attains eternal immortality like Lord Shiva himself in a single birth.Whatever heavenly merits is obtained from sacrificing one thousand horse and presenting one thousand cows to Brahmins during a ritual, they can be easily attained by just wearing eleven mukhi Rudraksha. Power of Eleven mukhi Rudraksha is activated after energizing it by worshipping Shiva linga and reciting the mantra, “om shreem ekadash vaktrasya om ram mam yam om”.  

Being the symbolization of Lord Indra, eleven mukhi Rudraksha provides luxury, fame, happiness and worldly pleasures. Since eleven mukhi Rudraksha encompasses all the eleven virtues of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman who is the eleventh form of the virtues bestows its possessor with a protective shield against evil spirit and ill fate. Henceforth, other positive attributes like cleverness, wisdom, great presence of mind, knowledge, self-esteem, will power, sound health and tactfulness are imbued into eleven mukhi Rudraksha. Its use releases one from the fear of death. It also serves spiritual purpose. It enhances concentration power and this helps the goal of meditation in the long run. It is considered auspicious for women who wish to bear children. If women wear eleven mukhi Rudraksha beads their husband are protected from ill fate and shall further have long and healthy prosperous life. Moreover, eleven mukhi Rudraksha wards off the negative astrological influences leading to miseries, bad luck, misfortune, failure and disgrace. It holds special importance for those individuals who wish to better the quality of their relationship and resolve ongoing conflicts. It is extremely beneficial for people who are public figures and are looking for positive media attention. Root causes of diseases like body pain, backache, chronic alcoholism, liver diseases etc are prevented.