Fifteen Mukhi-Collector

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A Rudraksha with fifteen mukhis is the representation of Lord Pashupatinath. This is a very rare Rudraksha. Om Namah Shivaya should be chanted while wearing this Rudraksha. This shall help in evoking the divine power of the Rudraksha.

It unfolds various benefits from the health point of view to spiritual attainments. It even endorses with unlimited materialistic gain. It provides social and economic empowerment, clarity in perception, positive outlook towards life, great intuition, spiritual attainment, high will power, great decision-making capacity, success, knowledge, high social status, good career prospects, prosperity, power, success and wealth. One who chooses to wear it shall be freed from all intentionally or unintentionally committed sins. Fifteen mukhi Rudraksha soothes the inner conflicts existing within a person and thus stabilizes the mental framework. It works its charm miraculously in driving away negative energy. Moreover, It is regarded as a great medical remedy for curing diseases like skin diseases, repeated miscarriage, still birth etc.