Four Mukhi

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Four mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Brahma and is also worshipped as the symbol of Chaturanan. Visually, four linings from head to bottom are observed on four mukhi Rudraksha at equal distance. This signifies the four facets of Brahma leading to humans eternal quest for knowledge, meaning, action or fate and freedom. If a person wears it on neck or on arm, s/he can attain enormous benefits. Four mukhi Rudraksha beads also represent goddess Saraswoti.  One can be blessed with physical, spiritual and materialistic gain by simply wearing three beads of four mukhi Rudraksha fastened on a red thread. Like in case of other types of Rudraksha an appropriate measure should be adopted for energizing four mukhi Rudraksha before using it for a purpose. Recital of mantra,

Om Hreem Namah, plays key role during the ritual.

It is highly fruitful in spiritual discourses. It helps in embracing the absolute control over body, mind and soul during meditation. Then onwards, a person gains insight into the true meaning of life and this will help her/him lead a meaningful quality life freed from greed, lust, excess attachment, ego, jealousy and many other negative traits found in a human. Moreover, it provides medical treatments for diseases like blood circulation, cough, brain related illness, asthma, stammering, memory lapse, respiratory tract problems, paralysis etc. Women can conceive and have easy childbirth by wearing four mukhi Rudraksha. This is very effective for students, scientists, researchers, scholars, artists, writers and journalists. Positive mindset, spiritual bond with his almighty, great knowledge, wisdom, happiness, great self-esteem, enhanced self-confidence, good health, spiritual enlightment, logical analytical skills, creativity and a great sense of vision come packaged as a blessing upon wearing four mukhi Rudrakshas. Neck and arm are the ideal parts of the body that need to be adorned with four mukhi Rudraksha beads. It can help increase mental power, intelligence, knowledge, concentration and knowledge. It can also increase sexual power and attraction. It controls the adverse effects of Mercury. It is especially beneficial for taurean, geminian, virgo and arian.