Fourteen Mukhi

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Fourteen mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes lord Shiva and is also regarded as the representation of Hanuman. It is produced in very less quantity  hence its precious divine power makes it very special and rare. Its positive attributes enable its owner to live life like god Indra. Shiva Purana praises about how fourteen mukhi Rudraksha rules the cosmic world and humans and is regarded as a favorite possession not just by humans but also by gods and goddesses. Its properties have been compared to the power of Lord Shiva.  In Srimaddevibhagavat, Narayan has glorified the importance of fourteen mukhi with special emphasis on wearing it on forehead to attain spiritual freedom and the virtues of Lord Shiva himself. Rudraksha. Even Mantramaharnava has revealed that upon wearing fourteen mukhi Rudraksha beads, great intuition power overpowers a person and then s/he shall be able to predict and foresee the future. Monday is considered as an auspicious day for conducting the religious process of energizing fourteen mukhi Rudraksha.

 Om Namah Shivaya

is chanted during the ritual. Then, it should be worn around neck or on the forehead or on arm on that day to attain maximum positive results.


It fosters positive mindset, spiritual attainment, good insights, mental sharpness, high will power, great decision-making capacity, success, high social status, outstanding career prospects, wealth and good intuition. Whoever wears this Rudraksha shall gradually feel and sense more kindness, warmth and patience seeping into them towards other living beings. Fourteen mukhi Rudraksha is considered a blessing for women who are unable to conceive and in such case both the spouses should wear it for fertility. Furthermore, it protects from the adverse effects of Saturn and empties one from all the worldly miseries. It is very significant for its medical benefits in curing brain related and many other kinds of diseases. It is especially beneficial for individuals who are related to stock market and media. Its regular use enhances strength and enthusiasm. If one chooses to wear it on head, s/he shall be immediately empowered with amazing decision-making capacity.