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Two mukhi or face Rudraksha symbolizes the union of Shiva Parvati form, also commonly known as Arthanareshwor. It harbors immerse mystical power and is also considered rare. Vedic scriptures boost about the belief that two mukhi Rudraksha carries the entire evolution of cosmos within it and thus it is a special blessing to mankind. Two natural lines or faces are found on two mukhi Rudraksha which is its key identification. It comes in oval shape. In the current scenario, Nepali and Indian two mukhi Rudrakshas are monopolizing the Rudraksha market demand and are highly regarded as the two varieties of high quality two mukhi Rudrakshas. Besides Hindus, it is also considered extremely sacred by both Vaishnavaites and Shaivates. Vaishnavism religion perceives it as the symbol of Lord Vishnu. The use of three two- mukhi Rudraksha beads fastened around a red thread activates its immense power for reaping maximum benefits. Its ideal attire is around a neck and Monday is a very auspicious day for this.

Since it is the blessing from Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati, upon wearing it any type of conflicts and misunderstanding wavering in a relationship goes away and perfect harmony and compatibility takes over. Wearing of two Rudraksha beads nurtures harmony and unity in relationships like husband-wife, student-teacher, employer-employee, friends and so on.  It ensures and enhances mental and sexual harmony and compatibility between spouses. Therefore, it is specially recommended for married couples to attain marital bliss. Its use during a ritual is regarded very auspicious. Like in case of other types of Rudraksha correct measures should be adopted for energizing two mukhi Rudraksha prior to its use for obtaining maximum benefits. Recital of mantra,
Om kham dvi vaktrasya
Om shrem hreem kshouma uveerm om
should go in parallel with the worshipping procedure. Goddess Laxmi pours immense wealth over a house wherein two mukhi Rudrakshas are used for religious purpose with complete devotion.
Family harmony, peace, prosperity, glory and happiness shall forever be bestowed upon its wearer. Absolute faith in the use of two mukhi Rudraksha paves a gateway to fulfillment of any desires. As sufficed by Vedic scriptures, evil spirits never dares to hover around the wearer of Rudraksha beads. Moreover, one gets thoroughly cleansed off all the past committed sins and with it opens up a path to heaven.

Moon being its ruling planet provides various astrological benefits. Upon wearing it, one breaks free from negative energy leading to depression, low self-esteem, frustration, anger, hopelessness, helplessness, lack of concentration and ill fate. This further instills personality development, high confidence level, mental peace, decision-making capacity, mental sharpness, absolute concentration, positive outlook towards life and enthusiasm. It is also highly beneficial for individuals who are in a spiritual journey in a bid to attain spiritual enlightment and salvation. Astrologically, people belonging to zodiac signs like cancer, scorpio, sagittarius and pisces should wear two mukhi Rudraksha beads for various benefits. Moreover, it unfolds unlimited biomedical properties. It works miraculously as a medical boon for the treatment of diseases like impotency, lack of concentration, renal failure, stress, anxiety, depression, negative thinking, eye problems, mental chaos, hysteria, intestinal disorder, hypertension, blood pressure etc and thus ultimately ensuring sound health. During pregnancy period, pregnant women should wear two mukhi Rudraksha beads around waist to minimize delivery complication. On placing two mukhi Rudraksha beads under the pillow, people get rid off insomnia and agitation.