Subject: Thank you once again

Dear Suresh Jee, Namaskar ! Thanks For your Mail, Today I received The parcel, all the product and packing is in good condition. Many Many Thanks for your service and for your nice product.Thanks


Name : Himadri Kumar

Address: India

Subject: Dear Suresh Ji

I had ordered some Rudrakhshas for my parents and I received them in a very timely fashion.

Actually I have consulted many doctors for my mother's illness but all in vain. Finally I realized through my intuition that this can only be cured by the Holy Tears of Lord Shiva(Rudrakshas). After extensive research of 3 days on Internet I found only your website to be genuine,safe and very useful and hence I ordered Rudrakshas through online from your website.

Down the line I believe to see some sure improvements in my mother's health through these Rudrakshas. At the last but not the least thank you very much for your support and kind work. In fact yours as well as your team's sacred work is not only dedicated to the people of this planet but also to the Generator, Organizer and Destroyer (God).All the best for your all future endeavours.

Remark: If you want,you can publish my feed back to your website. It will help other needy people like me.

Name : Tarun,

Address: Hathras(UP), India.


Subject: Parcel received

Dear Dr. Sureshji, Namaskar.

I have received the courier. The beads are good quality. thank u for prompt service.


Name : Ramesh Joshi

Address: India

Subject: Satisfactory services from Rudraksha Nepal

Dear sirs,

Thank you very much for your service.I am satisfied with your products and services.

Gud luck.

Name : Biju TOMAS,

Address: Las Vegas. USA

Subject: Received the shaligram stones


I would like to inform you that i have already received the items (Shaligram Stones). These divine Shila are really beautiful and the radient energies i can feel it. Thank you for the shaligram shilas


Name : Charl G.

Address: Brazil

Subject: Shaligram Pendant

Dear Mr. Suresh,I have received the item.Thank you very much for Surya Narayan Pendant !Thank you very much for the gift ! All the best !!!

Name : T. Chud.

Address: Belgium

Subject: your services pre and post ordered time is valuable

Dear Sureshji...I have received your parcel today.I am very glad to congratulate you for your good response and service.All the very best.Om Namasivaya

Name : Shaji Chandran

Address: calicut,India

Subject: Parcel received

Dear Dr. Sureshji, Namaskar.

I have received the courier. The beads are good quality. thank u for prompt service.


Name : Ramesh Joshi

Address: India

Subject: Received all my items

Thank You Mr.Suresh,

I received the items and your additional gifts.The Lingam is Parad I guess !!! It is Cute and beautiful. I like it very much.Once again thanks for your help in aquiring the rudraksha

Name : SG Ravikumaur

Address: Delhi ,India

Subject: Amazing beautiul and genuine items

Dear Mr. Suresh,

Namaskar. I have received my order. Beads are wonderful, clean and fresh. Thank you very much for free gifts. I am also very happy for your friendly customer service and quick delivery. Thank you again.

Name : S. Maurya.

Address: Florida, USA.

Subject: Nepali Rudraksha is really powerful rather than Indonesian beads

It arrived safely. Although purchased in the overseas store, since it arrived early very much, I was surprised. I purchased siddha mala from Nepal for the first time. Rudrakusha from Nepal is very beautiful.The direction from Nepal feels it powerful rather than the product from Indonesia. Thank you also for free gift sent together. I am glad to make wonderful shopping. I put on siddha mala from Nepal carefully every day. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. In the store of the overseas purchased until now, I was the highest service. Moreover, I need your help well.

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Name : K.K

Address: Tokyo , Japan

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