Subject: Lovely and sweetest Pendant

Dear Suresh je

Good Morning, I have just received One Mukhi and sudarsan chakra pendant by TNT Courier, and I will wear both on after puja. and many many thanks for your service, and your nice product. hope all the product is benefical for me and when i got my new job i will contect you for this.



Name : Himadri K.

Address: Mumbai ,India

Subject: Namaste Suresh Ji

Thank you for sending the Divine Rudraksha on time. I am really delighted with your service. I got it before my birthday. I feel really blessed in getting it on time. Your service is really great. I will order further items from you. I really like the size of the Rudraksha, It is as what I wanted. Thank you ....once again.. :)


Name : Pavithrah.T

Address: Australia

Subject: appreciate your quick reponse and support

Dear Dr.SureshJi,

Thank you very much , Just now I received the Parcel. I appreciate your quick reponse and support during my purchase of these items.I got One Saligram, One Rudraksha(nine mukhi) with Silver chain and a small shivalinga.Two number of Water rudaksha beads.I will wear it tommorrow during visit to visiting shiva temple. Thanks again and I pray to lord that he remove all hardships and give prosperity and good health.With best regards,

Name : anan

Address: Australia


Subject: Dear Suresh ji

As It begin the New Year of and reflect on the highlights of , I would like to take this opportunity to send my deep heart felt appreciation to you for the wonderful recommendation.To say that the mala made a profound change in me would be an understatement. Not only have I seen progress in my carreer, but I have managed to maintain my wealth throughout in my yearly expereinces. I donot know this comfortable , respected life with happiness is due to rudraksha mala or not but still i beleive all this is by these Rudrakshas and Lord shiva's blessing as well as your valuable recommendation of the beads to me. I had no problem removing the factors that would have been my downfall in the past.I feel changes in my sub-consciousness.The self-doubts of the past no longer haunt me. Now I know what to do when faced with an issue and believe in my decisions. It surprises me how many people comment on how self-assured I am. Thank you for helping me to reach my dream! I look forward to continuing to work with you so that people get divine blessing from these wonderful beads.

Here's wishing you a happy and prosperous .


Name : Venkata Reddy

Address: India


Subject: Hi Suresh:

This is Ravi R. here again. Hope you are doing well. It was great to meet the man like you who changed my life. I have finally relaxed , though it took a while to change my worrying habits.I have recently placed an order for 14Mukhi rudraksha . The adidev shaligram pendant really helping me to increases the power of the mind and a spiritual knowledge. I hope the combination of rudraksha and shaligram is more beneficial. Thank you once again for giving us your valuable time and advice.

Name : Ravi R

Address: New Zealand


Subject: Dear Sureshji,

Pranam to you,

Its been a little more than two year since i purchased my rudrakshas and mala from you. Effectswise i seen lots of changes.I have been thinking this weekend about how grateful I am for having met you. I was going to call to thank you, but I know I will forget all the things I want to say. So I decided it would be best to e-mail you to say thank you, thank you, and thank you for all the help, support and advice you have given me . I HAVE PURCHASED karya Siddhi mala from you at that time and today i have decided to buy some rudraksha for my son for his studies. I am thinking of getting 3 face ,9 face and 11 face . What you think ? Once again your guaidance will be highly respected. I hope you will always be there not just for me but for so many other people's lives you have made a difference in. God bless you always.”


Address: Fiji


Subject: Received the beautiful shaligram shilas

Dear Sir. Namaste!

I got the silas today! Thank you for the rudraksha & shiva linga. Whenever you have some new exotic silas and you want to send me the pictures i will appreciate.


Name : Gadagrajah

Address: Uk

Subject: received the parcel

Dear Sir,

Oh ! Thank you so much this is wondeful much more than I had expected,

thank you again !!!


Name : sonya

Address: Delhi ,India

Subject: Received my Rudraksha mala

Dear Suresh ji,

Namaskar. I have received the TNT parcel. I have received the beads and thank you for the same.

with regards.

Name : ramesh

Address: Malaysia

Subject: Re: Enquiry for Custom Design with selected rudraksha

Dear Sureshji,

I have received the Rudraksha and today being have worn it after telling "Om namah sivaya" for 11 times. I thank you for all your help and support and I feel sure that my problems will be vanished with your blessings soon.

Thanks again!

Name : Kalpana K.

Address: Europe

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