Subject: Hello Suresh,


We received the Chikna Rudraksha beads Mala today. They are very nice. Thank you so much for your work. We will certainly make them into the most beautiful, long lasting malas we can, and try to send them out into the world quickly.

: January

Name : Martha

Address: USA

Subject: Received the Order

Can I just say a huge "Thank You" for the brilliant service in dispatching my order. I always get my order out quicker from you than anyone else that I've ever ordered stuff from on the internet. Thanks a lot and I'll no doubt be in touch again soon.

Blessings to you,

: January

Name : Nik Kumar

Address: Mumbai ,India

Subject: Happy New Year Suresh ji !

Its been a nearly a year since I have bought my rudraksha beads from You. Thank you for all of your help. After wearing these rudrakshas i definitely can say, things changed with me . I was at such a financial stand still before wearing rudraksha since more than four years but still i could arrange money and decided to go ahead a try with rudraksha...Thanks to Lord shiva, Rudraksha and you too suresh ji . Now evrything is going well with me, i got very good Jobs. I am able to cleared off my debts.

I have steadily gained more insight, more illumination, and many revelations, and it has continued to open new doors and understandings for me.

I really love the rudraksh malas bought from you .

Aum Namaha Shivaye

: January

Name : Bhaskara

Address: Mumbai ,India


Subject: Re-parcel received in good condition

Hi Suresh Ji,We recieved the beads in good condition. Thanks for the divine beads. Best regards,

Name : Sachin S ,Software Engineer

Address: Mumbai ,India

Subject: Dear Suresh ji

I've just receieved the DPEX package from you. Thank you for quick shipping.


: ,

Name : T.N

Address: Japan

Subject: This is my review of the rudrakshas:

Beautiful size and everything, you can feel them in your hand and are gentle to the touch, I used the water rudrakshas and immediately felt the difference, great service and fast.Thank you so much, it's everything I wanted and even more!

: ,

Name : Enrique

Address: Mexico

Subject: Re-parcel arrived.

Thanks for the immediate & prompt rely. I didn't expect this. Great work. I am very impressed with this transaction even before receiving the consignment.Keep the good work, surely i will be back with a huge requirement.



Name : Dinesh

Address: Banglore,India

Subject: Received the Lord shiva's Gifts

I received my order and I love all my items. The lotus beads feel very sweet. I love my Shiva Linga also.Thank you for all your help. I will always direct people to you for rudraksha beads and the other things you sell. It has been a pleasure working with you. I am sure I will be in contact again at some point.I have a odd fondness for you as if I have known you a long time. We probably have, from another time. Take care. If you are ever in the united States, feel free to stay with my family. We would love to have you.



Name : Adrienne D.

Address: USA


Subject: Dear Suresh,

Thank you so much for your recommendation for the beautiful Rudraksha beads that I received this morning! They are truly stunning, and I was extremely emotional when i held them for the first time! I feel very privileged having them, and will treat them with extra special care. I can't thank you enough! The free gifts were wonderful too!! Also many thanks for your expertise, and advice.

Kind Regards

: ,

Name : Marie S.

Address: Brazil

Subject: Dear Rudraksha Nepal,

Thanks a lot. I have received the order in perfect condition. I will order another one next week. With kind regards,


Name : Anjana and family.

Address: New Delhi,India

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