Subject: Re : Rudraksha Miracle

Just wanted to thank you again for the rudrakshas that I purchased . I have just collected few days before from the parcel company in my town area. Thank you for your prompt, professional service, as well as advices for the caring of rudrakshas. I forgot to thank you for fulfilling my request for best and my desired size beads .I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as I saw them, I realized I had never felt anything like them. I feel magetic power in the mala when i hold in hand.I checked the mala with a magnetic compass, and they do indeed appear to be entirely non-magnetic. My wife usually isn't in to this thing at all. When I unpacked the malas, my wife asked to see them. she held them for a minute or so while i was in the other room. when I came back, her face was flushed, beads of perspiration had broken out on her forehead, and tears were streaming down her face. she asked me to take the mala back, and I asked her if everything was ok. she said she was fine.very strange reaction even for the non beleiver , The malas are really powerful. Now a days without removing them for single second i am wearing them around my chest .Anyway, just thought i would pass this on. I recommended your site to a friend of mine who also want to solve his problems by these divine beads.Hopefully he will pick up rudrakshas from you to experience them for himself.

Thanks again,

Name : Irene

Address: Belgium


Subject: order received

Dear Suresh Ji,

Thank you , i received the Mala yesterday morning. The Rudrakshas are

beautifully strung. Thanks again. Sorry I bothered you a lot, I really

appreciate your High Quality Customer Service. Will sure contact you



Name :

Address: New york ,USA

Subject: Re : order placed

Dear Suresh ,It is after much deliberation that I'm writing to you today. First of all, I sincerely hope you're doing well in life and business.Once again that you for your recommendation of rudraksha for my son. I am really hppy from its effects.I'm very indebted to you for your advices.As you know my son suffers from severe migraines and a neurological disorder. He is also a very spiritual boy. I purchased arudraksha combination for him in the hope of helping him spiritually and physically to deal with his life challenges.

Over more than 6 months that he has been wearing it,his health condition has improved steadily. He still experiences some problems, but they are greatly reduced in number and certainly in severity. My son reports that he feels rudrakshas are helping him in his general health. I have explained to him that rudraksha works on subtle ways and that we do not expect miraculous cure from it within short period,i think i am correct in explaining him right ,suresh? i need any more inforamtion if there is for my son from your side.

Wating for your further advice.

Name : Y.G

Address: Perak ,Malaysia


Subject: Namaskar Sureshji.

Thanks very much for this beautiful sidha mala witch I got just now. And special thanks for salagram sila. Mey Good bless you and your Family. With best regards

Name : Roysyani

Address: Indonesia

Subject: message from the satisfied customer

I have received my order of custom Rudraksha Pendant in gold setting today . Not only were the items beautiful and quality but the packaging was more than I ever received from any other vendor. I am truly happy .

I will keep up my experiences with you soonest.

Name : Nitesh S.

Address: Kuwait

Subject: Custom Design with selected rudraksha

As a astrologer with over 15 years of astrological experiences ,i never recommended rudraksha to my clients . After reading the inforamtion of rudrakshas at www.rudrakshanepal.com i feel trying it with my clients, I deeply appreciate suresh ji's warm advice on how to use rudrakshas and get maximum benefits out of it. Not only is his advice on rudrakshas are effective, but his caring presence and genuine supply of rudraksha in the growth and well-being of his clients is extraordinary. Rudraksha Nepal is a real treasure. For these reasons and more, I can recommend rudrakshanepal.com to all who seek alternative remedies of human problems and desire .

Name : sahil K

Address: Karnataka ,India


Subject: Re: order sent

Dear Mr. Suresh,

Gudday to you Sir! Here i am again,Since the day i received my ordered rudraksha mala which i started after three days of receipt that is on as advice by you , I have made significant progress in my personal growth journey. I have a greater awareness and acceptance of myself, which has given me the strength to deal with many of my core issues.

i am really indebted to your advices and services . God bless you and your company for healing the people like us.

Name : A. DEBB

Address: UK


Subject: Re: Saligram Recommendation

Dear suresh, i really thank you for helping me to improve my life , you can even post it in your testimonial sections.The story and experiences begun as what i am writing .I began using saligram with a touch of skepticism, never having heard of it before . I was amazed to find that not long after keeping santangopal saligram with me all the time without worshipping it , many of the painful issues I’d been struggling with for years shifted and released. I was able to receive clarity in my mind. I recommend santangopal saligram as an undeniably strong healing items like no other I’ve experienced to . My life has changed quite a bit, and I’ve recommended this to many friends of mine. Thank you,

Name : H. Raneror

Address: Italy


Subject: Thank you for the help

Thank you mr. suresh ji for the quick delivery of the two four mukhi rudraksha I had ordered few months before

I can see a lot of change in myself after wearing it. the delivery of rudraksha was really quick i received it just within 4 days after payment

thank you again

Name : Pavan Mal.

Address: hyderabad, india

Subject: Received the saligrams

I ordered two saligram Mahamritunjaya saligram and Lakshmi Narshima saligram and they are both just beautiful! I don't know how you shipped that FAST but it was a pleasant surprise! Thank you for great quality and customer service. I will definitely order from your company again. thanks .

Name : Deoanish K.

Address: Calcutta, India

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