Sudarsan Chakra shaligram Pendant

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According to the scripture Sudarsan Chakra is considered as very auspicious weapon of Lord Vishnu as mention below ;-
"Oh Sudarsan ! You are equivalent to Agni (Fire), Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon) and all the stars. You are water, earth, heaven, tanmatra and indriyas. You are having a thousand spokes and beloved of Lord Visnu. You destroy the powers of all weapons and you are the protector of the earth and harbinger of Dharma, Karma and also Protector of Yagya. Your burning quality destroys darkness.YOu are the defender of Dharma (righteousness) and destroyer of Adharma (evil quality) .

So wearing this Sudarsan chakra Shaligram pendant will helps to protect , rescue from problems and kills all kind of evil energies coming from people, cosmos and universe .