Kalsarpa Dosha Pacifier Mala

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In an Vedic  astrology , kalarapa Dosha formed  when all the seven  planets comes between or hemmed between rahu and ketu (Moon’s North Node and South node). When all  the seven  planets are on the  same side of rahu and ketu axis and not  a single  planet is  on the other side of axis,  the full kaal-sarp yoga is formed. When one  planet is  on the other side then partial  kaal sarp yoga is formed which is  having less intensity. Kaal sarp dosha is of 12 types based on the placement of rahu and ketu in different houses .
The harmful effects of kaal sarp dosha are following:
1.Hurdles in every important and auspicious work.
2.Lesser Mental peace
3.Low self-confidence
4.Deterioration of health and reduces longevity
5. Poverty and destruction of wealth.
6. Destruction of business and loss of job
7. Anxiety and unnecessary Tensions
8. Bad Relations with family members and friends
9.Treachery from friends and colleagues
10.Very less help from relatives and friends

Remedy :- After 1 years of throughly studying and experimenting with the people who are having different kind of kalsarpa Doshas and their outcome of wearing different rudrakshas ,yantras and stones, we have come to conclusion to make the kalsarpa Dosha Pacifier Mala with various mukhi Rudrakshas, Gems Like (tiger eye stone and Cat's eye stone) . Wearing this mala will help to remove all kind of above problems thus wearer enjoy the good life.

Combination :- Mala consist of 8 face;-1 pcs, 9 face :-1 pcs, 11 face :-1 pcs , 5 face :-1 pcs ,Ganesh Rudraksha ;-1 pcs with pure tiger stone and cat's eye gemstone beads(2 beads each) .The above said beads ,gemstone and yantra are strung in 6mm size five face of 33 pcs. Whole mala is strung in silver wire with silver caps.