BrahmaGyahn Mala

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Combination of Rudraksha :
Fourteen Face Rudraksha - 2 pcs , Fifteen Face Rudraksha -2 pcs

Made in silver chain with Two beads of Fourteen Face Rudraksha and Two beads of Fifteen Face Rudraksha along with Spatic Crystal and Small Five Face Rudraksha with total number of beads 54+1. The Rudrakshas used are selected top quality Nepali Origin.
Benefits :
Wearer of this mala gets BrahmaGyan, i.e. wearer is able to solve successfully every problem he/she is going to face. It alerts the wearer of future happenings. It helps in meditation and removes the problems of yogic practices, increase in knowledge, tactics and memory. All the inner chakras are opened and improves in circulatory as well as genitourinary system.
Length approx -35 inches