Offering Belpatra Leaf to Lord Shiva

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Bilva leaf , is considered sacred and auspicious leaf and wherever whoever worship Lord Shiva should worship with Belva leaf.

According Hindu Mythology pleasing the Lord Shiva is so easy , that He comes to your rescue with just offering one Bilva leaf !!

Few lines from Bilvashtakam - The Hindu Book ::

Tridalam Triguna Karam trinetram Cha triaayudham,
Trijanma paapa samharam, Eka Bilvam Shivarpanam.

Moolatho Brahma roopaya,
Madhya Vishnu roopine,
agratha Shiva roopaya,
Eka Bilvam Shivarpanam…

This means the Bilva leaf is a collection of 3 leaves put together, it indicates the three eyes of Lord Shiva, the trishul of Shiva and it is triangle shaped and by offering the leaf will erase sins of your three births.
It Represents Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Shiva reside in the Bilva leaf.


Those customer who want to offer Belpatra Leaf to Lord Shiva at Shree Pashupatinath Temple , We help them to collect amount from them and go to Temple and offer belpatra ,Flowers and water to lord Shiva .Along with this offering we will chant " Om namaha Shivay " 108 times along with the Gotra of the person who sent the money to us to help them to do it.