Karya Siddh Mala

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Combination Of Rudraksha :-
One Face -1 pcs, Two mukhi - 3 pcs ,Three Mukhi -3pcs, Four Mukhi - 2 pcs, Five Mukhi - 3pcs, Six Mukhi - 3 pcs, Seven Mukhi -3pcs , Eight Mukhi -1 pcs, Nine Mukhi - 1pcs ,Ten Mukhi - 1 pcs, Eleven Mukhi - 1pcs, Twelve Mukhi -1 pcs , Thirteen Mukhi -1 pcs , Fourteen Mukhi -1 pcs ,Gaurishankar - 1 pcs ,Ganesh Rudraksha -1 pcs ,Guru Rudraksha Beads - 1 pcs of Twelve Face .

The Mala consist of the above mention rudrakshas.The one face is capped silver . Rudraksha used are highly selected top quality beads. Mala strung in strong thread with tulasi beads as spacer with knots in between each beads.Total beads in the mala 27+1 beads.Beads are strong in head to head and tail to tail part configuration.

Benefits :
The key of career success using Karya Siddhi mala is due to multiple effects from the different rudraksha combination. Wearer get blessings of creativity and successful transaction in work or job. Both finances and health are in the command of the wearer. Smooth completion of work is the quality of this mala. It should be worn for obtaining success in all endeavors. It is also considered as the remover of all obstacles, helps one to attain siddhi, prosperity and success. The wearer is blessed with success in work, business and all undertakings he/she possesses. The sadhaka will be blessed with fulfillment of desires, power, wealth and authority. It brings eight different types of heavenly blessings, and among them wealth, abundance, protection, and authority. When worn these blessing are seen looking up, a sign of striving for perfection and accomplishment. Removes obstacles that prevent success.
Length approx -35 inches