Saturn Pacifier Mala

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Combination Of Rudraksha :-
One Face -1 pcs, Two mukhi - 1 pcs ,Three Mukhi -1pcs, Four Mukhi - 1 pcs, Five Mukhi - 1pcs, Six Mukhi - 1 pcs, Seven Mukhi -3pcs , Eight Mukhi -1 pcs, Nine Mukhi - 1pcs ,Ten Mukhi - 1 pcs, Eleven Mukhi - 1pcs, Twelve Mukhi -1 pcs , Thirteen Mukhi -1 pcs , Fourteen Mukhi -1 pcs ,Gaurishankar - 1 pcs ,Guru Rudraksha Beads - 1 pcs of seven face Ganesh and Small five face (5mm size) - 37 pcs
Mala made with above mention rudrakshas beads. Total: 54+1 beads. All Rudrakshas used are selected high quality beads. Mala is designed in thread with semiprecious blue sapphire and silver beads as spacer. 

Benefits :
This mala is very helpful to appease planet Saturn for those who are facing ill-effects of Saturn period in their life. It will help to achieve Raja yoga through blessings of Sani. This mala provides the wearer with increased power of working capacity, promotions in job / finding new suitable work / jobs. Mala have multidisciplinary action. It removes jealousy. The enemies of the wearer become friends who then start supporting him/her. Wearer of mala remains free from diseases. Wearer's positive energy, high intelligence and knowledge attract people’s attention. It also provides the spiritual riddhis and siddhis
Length approx -35 inches